Kevin's E-flite hurricane maiden ....ish.

Kev's first proper go with his E-flite Hurricane.All was going well until a low speed tip stall on final approach.Crashing between the 1st and 2nd fairway on the golf course it looked really bad but damage was minimal.Unlucky Kevster.Apologies for the intermittent focus problems,my fault for messing with the camera. Piloteer-Technical Kev Camera-Me

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He can fly you know !
Once in a while Alex actually flys around a bit and lands without any issues.

"Hey lads,i've had an idea "
Alex ( Charlie the chimp),had the idea.What would happen if we fly each others planes for the day.Obviously Technical and I were not overly keen and had mentally written off our planes but as you will see,the results were surprising. Planes included were......... Hobbyking YS11 /12/13 Hobbyking Parkjet Ripmax Wot 4 foam e Mini Drongo Funfighter Rarebear Parkzone Stinson Would have been more but Jeff couldn't join us ? Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

A bridge too faaaaaark.
The bridge and the floor claim yet more victims.Great fun today. Cheers JJ for the Hydroboat,it does return :) Thanks for watching.

Smoking Super cub.
Kev's first flight of his 1800mm Super cub.He was extremely nervous but managed a good flight until the motor burnt out.Good rescue on the landing Technical Kev. Pilot-Motor smoker Powell Camera-What's that burning smell speakman f=484158