crown victoria 5.4 5 speed manual drift / burnout

go pro camera on the rear of the car see also this vid from another view

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Bondurant driving school's drift Crown Victoria
This manual crown victoria will take a STEAMING SHIT on you RICE BURNERS!

Crown victoria 5 speed manual drift
Just having fun with the car

crown victoria 5 speed manual 5.4 engine burning rubber
from the outside of this car

Supercharged 5.4 Crown Vic Burnout!
A burnout by Quickcrownvic's supercharged 5.4 powered Crown Victoria. *404 RWHP, 487 RWTQ.* Melts the 325 drag radials with ease. The factory 4.6 was swapped with a 2003 Ford F150 SVT Lightning engine. In this video the car still has the factory automatic transmission, which was later swapped to a TREMEC TKO 5 speed, along with a better sounding Exhaust. More videos to come so please like and subscribe! Filmed on private roadway.