Mike Nottingham Super Stock 1967 Fairlane

Super Stock in car camera Mission Raceway

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SS/EA Record Holder ( 2011 )
A closer Look at Mike Nottingham and his Record holding Super Stock Fairlane

1967 FAIRLANE 1/4 mile drag
1967 fairlane 9.28 run with a .003 rt

Super Stock National Record ( 2011 )
Go for a ride with Mike Nottingham as he set's a new National Record in his Super Stock Ford Fairlane. New video of Mike's car from inside http://youtu.be/F6iFlOuf3_M

Bobby Fazio NHRA Super Stock '64 Mustang SS/L In Car Camera
Round 1 of the Lucas Oil Division 1 race May 28, 2011 My first attempt at this in car camera stuff (as you can probably tell) since I put it too low and you can't see much. Anyways, just wanted some of you to see what goes on in the Mustang down the track.. I'll try to put better ones up when I get better with this camera!