Turbo 5.3, s475, 5-6psi

06 ex cab 5.3, prc stg 2.5 heads, isky triple 12, s475, 4"DP, PB lvl2, 4.10,s. stock bottom end, tuned to go fast. Next will be 73# injectors and speed density tuning... Enjoy my first edited video... More will follow.

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STOCK Turbo 4.8L Sierra @ 10.17@134 !!
FASTEST 4.8L Sierra/Silverado - OCT 18th, 2012 Stock pistons/rods/heads 4.8L Speed Inc TU1 Cam Boost Lab's s475 billet turbo@15psi Jakes Performance 4l80E Circle D Billet Converter E85, street driven, 5 hour drive round trip to make these passes. 4580 Race Weight Nitrous on for spool only, off during pass.

Jake99 Turbo 4.8 vs 03 Silverado w/turbo 5.3
Racing in Mexico 4.8 was on E85 and 12#s and the 5.3 was on 91oct w/watermeth and 10#s both 2 people in the cabs and both on 20" wheels

Cammed 5.3L 65ish MPH - 130ish Mph
about 65MPH to 130MPH just a reference point video to look back after I install a higher stalling torque converter. 5.3L silverado, tsp 220/220 cam, pac racing 1218 valve springs, Tsp pushrods, corsa db black muffler, Obx style Long Tube headers, blackbear performance custom tuned pcm.

Backyard Turbo Build Runs Boosted For The First Time
The protégé build is finally done. Sorta.