Volvo Diesel D24T drag racing at GIR midnight madness

Second pass, racing an obviously much faster Mustang. This time I tried building some Boost but the lights dropped before I was ready, and only managed about 3lbs off the line. Its a big turd off the line but at least it wasn't spinning its ass off. Time was improved, 17.2@83mph. Still slow though. It really needs the manual trans!

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D24T Timing @ altitude
Cold start of D24T after retiming to .91 mm in Denver (5280ft / 1600m).

1984 Volvo 760 D24T turbo diesel Racing at GIR 7-27-10
Another pass, this time spanking a v-6 riced out honda accord. Hey at least it isn't the slowest car there!

Outlaw Drag Radial, X275, Ultra Street & Free Radial Test Session Midnight Madness at MIR
Maryland Int'l Raceway

Volvo 245 D24 TD