2006 Chevy Cobalt Drag Race 024

Black Car vs. 2006 Chevy Cobalt 16.19 et .634 rt

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2006 Chevy Cobalt 0 to 105mph to 0
moderately hard braking after the governor kicks in down to 0mph

2006 Chevy Cobalt 0 to 105mph to 0 #2
moderate to severe braking after the governor kicks in - down to 0mph

Chevy Cobalt Sedan Speaker Replacement
Since most of the Cobalt speaker replacement videos are vertical, I decided to make a video of my own. Please keep in mind that this is basically a guideline. I am NOT responsible if you damage your car or yourself. The method I'm using has been recommended by a lot of other GM owners since most of the GM speakers are the same. Installing new speakers in a GM vehicle typically involves destroying the old speaker and using its frame to house the new speaker. This method actually works the best. I decided to install new speakers up front because the right speaker went out. I really had no initial plan to replace the speakers, but I can't deal with one being out. So I decided to replace both the front speakers with a set of Kenwood KFC-1665Ss. They're 6.5" speakers and have a tweeter unlike the stock speakers which use "wizzer" cones. I also used foam baffles to help protect the speakers and tighten up the bass. I may, later, punch a small hole in the back of the baffles if I'm not satisfied with the sound. Mainly, the baffles are to help protect the speakers. I have a small subwoofer in my trunk to control most of the bass, which sounds very decent. I may upgrade it later. With a car that has 111,000 miles, I'm really not too concerned with upgrades on the whole car itself. I just want to keep things working until the engine itself dies. The song at the end of this video is Weezer - Island In The Sun. It was just a very short test song that happened to be on my Pandora when I was testing the new speakers out. So, no copyright infringement was intended.

Cobalt rear seat back removal
How to take the rear seat backs of an 07 Chevy cobalt ls.