Nelson Racing Dyno Day Nitrous Backfire

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SEMA GMA Award given for Mirror Image Turbos from Nelson Racing Engines.
SEMA has honored Nelson Racing Engines with its Global Media Award for the NRE patented Mirror Image turbos. Go to the 2011 SEMA show and see what was going on at the NRE booth. More information at and For help marketing your product or service go to

SST Exiting NRE Garage 20110923.MPG
2010 Twin turbo SST Camaro

New Symmetrical Mirror Image Turbo from NRE. 2 Engines Tested. Nelson Racing Engines. NRE.
This new NRE turbo will fill an important need in the industry. Tom Nelson explains this amazing new design and Dyno tests several motors with this turbo. More information at and Also go to

G-Stone Backfire - Silverado Nitrous Backfire
G-Stone Backfire - Silverado Nitrous Backfire 5.3 h/c/i + spray