Nelson Racing Dyno Day Nitrous Backfire

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Now that's what i call a nitrous backfire part 1
part 1 of a compilation of Nitrous burps and backfires.

The 55 VS Swamp Thing -Plan B - Birdman 25K Big Tire Champ!
The 55 was not going to be stopped taking home the money at Bounty Hunters 2, going rounds against the BADDEST RIDES in NO PREP.

nitrous tercel death 5-15-11 sloppy mechanics spring 2011 dyno day
this was the next stage in life for the Nitrous beater tercel, we got rammy and cut it all up, and cut the springs, and Exhaust, and roof, and steering wheel, LOL it got some Nitrous and alot of fireballs, eventually took out all the spark plugs, replaced them and sprayed it even more, we killed it later off camera, brick on the gas pedal and i jammed the Exhaust pipe into the timing gear till the motor died.

Introducing "Seabiscuit" LS Turbo Nissan 240.
I get a chance to speak to the owner of "Seabiscuit" the non suspecting Nissan. The car is awesome in my opinion and I can't wait to see more of it!