Jaguar XKR 2009 2010 accelerating exhaust engine sound noise

More interior engine noise recordings.

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Jaguar XKR 2009 2010 accelerating exhaust engine sound noise 2
Recording of what the 2009 model Jaguar XKR with 503bhp sounds like.

Jaguar XK Exhaust - Super Sport Loud from Paramount
Jaguar XK 5.0 Exhaust System -- Super Sports Full On! Paramount are very pleased to announce our brand new and exclusive Jaguar XK 5.0 Super Sport Exhaust system, not for the faint hearted this Jaguar XK performance Exhaust system has been specially designed and developed to be "full on motorsports" Offering amazing sound and performance levels, this Jaguar XK Exhaust is RAW! Giving a really noticeable deep V8 burble and roar, loud, head turning and of course the system is street legal and fully emission / inspection compliant. For those wanting to make a statement and gain a huge grin factor this brand new Super Sports Jaguar XK Exhaust system is just the thing, available in two formats, rear pipes only or a full cat back system, boasting just one single silencer box! And hence some 27KG lighter. Manufactured form huge bore 68mm high grade stainless steel and finishing in 4 quad 98mm tips -- its not stock and its not subtle! The Paramount Super Sports Jaguar XK / XKR Exhaust is available for the 5.0 Jaguar XK as well as the 4.2 engines. Click here for more information or see

jaguar xk 4.2 v8 sound
jaguar xk 4.2 v8 sound! The Jaguar XK (XK8 and XKR) is a sports car from the British car manufacturer Jaguar. This car is the successor to the XJS. The special feature of the design is that most convertibles are designed based on the coupe. When the XK was the other way, the section was derived from the convertible. The first generation of the car was on 5 March 1996 at the Geneva Motor Show unveiled. The car was available as a coupé or cabriolet with either a Supercharger or a naturally driven motor. The supercharged variant is known as the Jaguar XKR. The car shared the same platform as the Aston Martin DB7 because both are descendants of the Jaguar XJS. Both the XK8 and XKR are electronically limited to 249 km / h. His predecessor was thus 5 km / h faster. The second generation was unveiled in September 2005 at the IAA in Frankfurt. The car was designed by Ian Callum, which include the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish designed. In 2009 the car underwent a facelift with the front and rear bumpers and lights were an adjustment. The engine was strengthened by a 4.2 liter V8 to a 5.0 liter V8 XKR-S: In 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show a variant of the XK X150 proposed, the XKR-S. This was an engine with 542 horsepower, making it at that time the fastest Jaguar ever had that went into production. [1] In 2008, the XKR-S label've already been touched on a variant of this car. The first car that the XKR-S label received. Of these, only 200 made​​. XKR 75th Anniversary Edition: The new XKR 75 was in 2010 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​presented and was limited to 75 pieces, this is because of the 75th anniversary of the brand.

Jaguar XK 2006 sound
Another video from my road test of a 2006 XK cabrio. That is a Symphony