Modified Chevy Corsica

Modified '91 Chevy Corsica 3.1 v6

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Corsica Burnout
1996 Chevy Corsica burnout 2.2I4

Not your average Corsica
View more on 1994 Chevy Corsica OBD2 conversion with '97 venture ECU '03 3400 stock bottom end Newer 3500 top end mildly ported and polish Custom ground turbo cam .533/.533 lift 206 duration 108LSA TCE billit 65mm TB MRZ underdrive pully and alt pully FFP dog bone '96 upper engine mount with poly insert DHP laptop tuner plus some Im forgetting Im sure..I have alot more plans for this thing once I have it tuned alittle to like the new topend current time is 14.8 in the 1/4mile NA and running like crap at the time

ballin chevy corsica v6 red blue and green lights 2400 watts
my chevy corsica with a 3.1 v6 with alot of lights custom painted interior. two 10" infinity kappa series on a 2400 watt amp. plaining on geting some hero salient 18" rims from in the spring. been workin on this car for 3 years.