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Collegedale FGU low pass check Piper Comanche 180
Felt like I was at a private Air Show for a few minutes. : ) Its been awhile since I filmed a high speed pass - yes the camera operator could not keep up with the ...

Oh that turbine Commander 690 sound : )
Whatever it is that makes that change in pitch and tone of the sound of those turbines, its cool ! At KCHA Chattanooga Wilson.

Allegiant takeoff at Chattanooga 41011
McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 / MD-83. Captain Ted. First Officer Jason. Turning toward Orlando Sandford airport.

Delta returns DC-9-50 service to Chattanooga! 9-5-12
After many years, CHA now has an early morning flight to ATL, usually DL 1997, on a McDonnell-Douglas DC-9. The first return flight is recorded here, landing ...