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50 Horsepower for 5 cents Throttle Mod 1996 Ford Explorer 5.0 AWD
Cheap and easy

Mustang Fox stock engine Full exhaust swap - at idle
So I wasn't sure it was worth the money and time to go with a full Exhaust swap. bbk shorties, bbk xpipe and flowmaster catback. It was absolutely worth it, my car now sounds like a muscle car. I also took advantage while I was doing this full Exhaust swap to install a wideband sensor.

Eric Clapton's Fender Champ found in Mojave Desert?
Marc Ford former Guitarist fro the Black Crowes is in this video! So, this guy calls me about an amp I have on Craigslist and tells me he wants to trade Eric Clapton's Tweed Champ which his father got while working for Eric in the 1970’s for an amp I have for sale, a 100 watt Marshall. The story was, his father worked on the road crew for Clapton and traded some heroin for two Tweed Champs and a Stratocaster. The amp has been kept in a glass case for over 30 years and is in mint condition. His Father passed away and he didn’t want the amp anymore. I get the serial numbers from him: it was a 1962 Fender Tweed Champ. I talked to him several times over the next few days. I’m thinking there is no way this is legit, but while the guy is telling me about aliens, nephilim and drinking silver water he doesn’t seem insane, so I agree to a rendezvous in Joshua Tree California which is near my house. In order to get the amp I had to agree to meet him on the side of a dirt road. I could not plug the amplifier in he just wanted to trade the Marshall straight across for the 1962 Champ. My wife told me I was nuts for agreeing to meet him, but I decided to film it. So please watch the video. Nothing was re-created or staged, my son shot it as it it happened. It was a windy day and I cleaned up the audio as good as I could in Pro Tools so, sorry about that. Mark Ford former guitarist of the Black Crowes came to my house and checked out the amp. He is in the video as well. Now besides taking his word for it there is some evidence that may be helpful and substantiating his claim. There is a small transformer modification in the back that allows it to be plugged into a larger amp or PA system. Someone in the know may be able to help me validate his claim if they have any information or knowledge about this mod. There is a name written next to the transformer on the inside of the cabinet. Be that as it may, it is in mint condition. It has the original tubes, and sounds fantastic. I am going to sell the amp. This is very odd and not the sort of thing that happens every day. This isn’t a hoax and I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Thanks for watching! Amp was sold to a gentleman in Hong Kong 2-1-17

Modified Eliminator 1970 Englishtown NJ
1968 Nova vs 55 Chevy final Modified Eliminator 1970