'85 Fiero restoration

a summer project. already have an '88 but i wanted the v6.

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7 Cool Upgrades For Your Fiero
Black Top Racing is the new name of TLG Auto. Find us at http://www.BlackTop.racing Find these upgrades here: http://www.blacktop.racing/fiero This video is the product of having people ask for a demonstration of the center console subwoofer, mostly how it sounds, the fitment in the center console and how close it gets to the driver's arm. Of course with any camera-recorded music it doesn't quite do it justice, but we think you'll be able to get a better idea of how well the subwoofer box works!

Fiero Gt 86 restore
Just helping my brother to restore his 86 Fierro Gt. This is all his done to it so far, I will post more videos and the end of the restore.

1985 Pontiac Fiero Sport Coupe Walkaround + Update
I walk around my (grandfather's) 1985 Pontiac Fiero Sport Coupe that we moved from it's "resting place" to where it is in the video. This is mainly to show my friends this beautiful car, and to show the amount of work that I am going to have to put into the car from 15 years of neglect. The odometer shows 56, 841 Miles, which for a 25 year old car is great, but it hasn't been driven all those 25 years. It was last driven for a week in 1995, and has been sitting ever since. -UPDATE- Okay so here's the update! Sometime after I did this video, my grandfather and I pulled the car onto the paved driveway and parking pad in front of the house. When we moved it, we found that the brake calipers had seized up again, so we kinda ended up dragging it rather than pulling it. We looked at the frame of the car with it on paved surface. The rear of the frame is in terrible rusted shape with many holes, so we may not be able to use the whole car. As much as I want to see this particular car working again, I just don't think that this can be done. The engine would probably have to be rebuilt from not having fluids drained. We can however find another 85 model (would prefer to keep it an 85) and swap the body panels between the two cars. But, with me being unemployed, doing anything with this car is far from the first thing on my mind. Since then, the car has been moved twice more, and it now sits next to where it was in this video. http://www.flickr.com/photos/egsalms/sets/72157623985823859/

My '84 Fiero's 30th Anniversary!
They told me my '84 Pontiac Fiero wouldn't last 60,000 miles. They told me it would be in the junkyard by the time I made the last payment. They said I should have bought a "reliable" Japanese car. "They" were dead wrong. Today marks 30 years since I drove it home from Townsend Pontiac in Merrillville, IN. My first and only new car (after a POS '70 Toyota Corona 2-door and a star-crossed '74 Triumph TR6). And it seems like yesterday I was spraying the Monroney sticker with Windex to get it off in one piece. 30 years of commuting to work in all four seasons, long-distance road trips and just puttering around the neighborhood. And it's still here, still going strong. And no, it has never, ever caught on fire. Luck, or 30 years of regular maintenance? I vote for number 2.