2000 Camaro SS Magnacharger

This is a supercharged 2000 SS Camaro with a C5 Corvette magnacharger from LM Speed. Dyno made 505RWHP/480 RWTQ with 400 RWTQ at 1600 RPMs. That was with fried rings. We have been having issues with the short block and its getting new pistons and rings. In a few weeks it will be all fixed and pushing down better numbers.

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Magnuson Supercharged LS1 F-Body TVS 2300 580rwhp!!!
Magnuson Supercharged LS1 F-Body TVS 2300 580rwhp!!! Hawks Third Generation is the premier shop in the country at installing Magnuson Superchargers in LS1 F-Bodies. We can do MP112, TVS2300, whatever you want we can do. We have made over 700rwhp with the Magnuson's and are working on a project now that we think will make over 800rwhp!!! That's over 900 crank HP... we are pushing the boundaries every day. Call us today for your Magnuson experience! 1-864-855-2694 www.Hawksthirdgenparts.com

2000 Magnacharged Trans Am, 518.77 HP 526 RWTQ
Final Dyno tuning on my roots blown Trans Am @ 7 PSI

1969 Camaro SS playing with Lamborgini Aventador
Tire smoking 5 speed 1969 Camaro SS X66 playing with Lambo Aventador & BMW M3. The Camaro has a ZZ-454 GM crate engine with a 850 Holley 4 barrel. Please note that when I changed lanes behind the BMW M3 and accelerated the Camaro lost traction and started to go sideways, that was not FULL THROTTLE! The Camaro has 550HP and would destroy the BMW M3. The tires spin like the road was wet with this car, zero traction in 1st, 2nd and 3rd! 275/60/15 rear tires

1998 Supercharged Street Camaro
Supercharger kit installed on a 1998 LS1 Camaro. Computer contolled, injected, and drives like a stock Camaro until you mash the gas!