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Terrot HST 350 Mai 2011_lr2.wmv

The latest acquisition for my garage is a Terrot HST 350 side valve from 1930. A beautifull and nice but very old fashion madame. You have to handle much more levers, handles, switches , etc. to drive it tha on a NSU Max from 1955!


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Vintage Motorcycle Cam - 1927 AJS 350, Beamish Reliability Run 2011
We strapped a camera to the back of our 1927 AJS 350 motorcycle for a large chunk of the 41st Beamish Reliability and Safety Trial. And here is the result, around 5 hours of footage condensed from Beamish to the Tan Hill Inn, highest pub in Great Britain. Watch out for the rain! Best viewed in HD 720p, also worth noting there is no sound to accompany the video! For more on Transport at Beamish, visit the Beamish Transport Blog: http://beamishtransport.blogspot.com

Fahrt mit Spezialmax Sept 2011_lr.wmv
A short evening tour on our country roads on my NSU Spezialmax from 1955. 250 ccm OHC with 17 hp are going quite well and it is much fun on small country roads. Eine kleine Abentour über die Landstraßen des Aichtals auf meiner NSU Spezialmax von 1955. 250 ccm OHC mit 17 PS laufen sehr gut und machen auf kleinen Landstarssen richtig Spaß!

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Terrot 500 RGST

350 TerroT HOS 1930
Présentation de la Terrot

Terrot 350 HSSO2 1929
premier tour de route après je pense plus de quarante année de non roulage pas mal non

terrot 350 hsst

TerroT HOS
TerroT HOS 1930

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TERROT VA 750 de 1934

na restauratie

Terrot HST 1930 350cc 1 cyl sv vintage motorcycle - start up
Classic Motorcycle buy and sell vintage motorcycles. More details www.classic-motorcycle.com Manufacturer: Terrot Model: HST Year: 1930 Bore/Stroke: 70x90mm Capacity: 346cc Engine type: 4-stroke / sv Cylinders: 1 Weight: 115kg Topspeed: c.100km/h a25

Terrot HST 1930
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

TerroT 500 RGST first start

Premier démarrage Terrot 125 3/3
Premier démarrage d'une 125 Terrot après restauration moteur.

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