Terrot HST 350 Mai 2011_lr2.wmv

The latest acquisition for my garage is a Terrot HST 350 side valve from 1930. A beautifull and nice but very old fashion madame. You have to handle much more levers, handles, switches , etc. to drive it tha on a NSU Max from 1955!

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Terrot 350cc HST from 1930
First start up sinds 1936 of the Terrot 350cc HST from 1930. New in at www.dutch-lion-motorbikes.com

na restauratie

Terrot HST 350ccm, 1931.mp4
Terrot HST 350ccm, 1931

Sortie de grange motobecane D45 S
Voici une sortie de grange de motobecane d54s des années 1950.