Datsun v8

aki mirando el datsun y escuchando su poderoso lt1. Chulada!!!

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datsun turbo
from malaysia

Datsun Truck Rev 327 Corvette SBC 1972 620 V8
Revin the Datsun with a 327 Corvette engine SBC 1972 620 V8 New video SOLD!!! Also check on the cold start video I posted of another interested party. A new video will show soon of me driving it around on the streets for different angles.

Datsun 1200 Blown V8 LETHAL
The Scud Datsun 1200 / Nissan Sunny ripping up the Lardner Park burnout pad.

Datsun v8
Datsun v8 de Edgar Gojon haciendo trompos en la de juan pablo 2do