The Infamous Quadrajet Moan

Making a full-throttle pull on the chassis Dyno with our 1972 Pontiac Trans Am with 455 H.O. engine.

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Quadrajet sound
Q jet secondary operation

78 trans am fast quadrajet
quadrajet at work gopro

See 1976 Chevrolet pickup with Rochester quadrajet upgrade on SBC 350 V8. We removed the hood, mounted a camera looking down on the air horn, and took it for a spin, running wide open on an uphill grade. See how the secondary air valve responds to rpm drop at each upshift of the THM. Also included is a smoking burnout.

Quadrajet moan
Newly rebuilt original Q-Jet on my 400ci 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix. Taken during an 1100km/700mi road trip here in New Zealand. It used to stumble when cold and surge/hestitate at higher revs. These are gone now :-) Car is all stock including EGR etc. No modifications at all apart from removal of catalytic converter.