Moving unrestored 1956 Cadillac coupe

Floor rusted out, so throttle doesn't work, Shaun has to shift the Hydramatic by reaching through the floor, I hafta be the throttle, Bud has to hold the hood up, running on 1 gallon gravity feed can.

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Cadillac 1956
Este automóvil pertenece a uno de los integrantes del auto club Trasandina ,fue encontrado en precarias condiciones en el año 2003 en la ciudad de Coro, Estado Falcón, Venezuela. Enterrado en una Cienaga, luego de negociado se transporto a la ciudad de San Cristóbal donde actualmente se esta haciendo el trabajo de restauración.

Car pulled from Bridgewater river had been stolen 20 years a
The Enterprise of Brockton Car pulled from Bridgewater river had been stolen 20 years ago The 1984 Toyota Celica reported stolen in Taunton 20 years ago. LOST AND FOUND By Maureen Boyle ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER BRIDGEWATER — John Beals first spotted something in the waters off Ply mouth Street several years ago while canoeing along the Town River with his chil dren. He finally learned what it was Wednesday, when the Fire Department — using a bor rowed crane — pulled up a 1984 Toyota Celica reported stolen in Taunton 20 years ago. Beals and his children, Za ck, 11, and Allie, 9, watched as Bridgewater Fire Department divers examined the area around the car and as the rust ed vehicle was pulled from the water. Beals said they had noticed an object un der the water years back during one of their canoeing outings. "We couldn't tell what it was," he said. Then, last week, with the wa ter levels lower, they could make out the outline of what appeared to be a car. Beals first called the state Department of Environmental Protection this week to report the find then was referred to the Police and Fire departments. Deputy Fire Chief Thomas D. Levy said the Fire Department was called late Tuesday, and a preliminary look of the area was made. Divers returned Wednes day morning, along with a crane donated by City Crane of Avon, to examine the vehicle better. Firefighters George Hogg and Tom Luckman, members of the dive team, dove into the water as Firefighter Glenn Grafton and Lt. Eric Elder, fellow team mem bers, assisted in the effort. "It was very murky," Hogg said. The firefighters broke open the car window, to see what was inside the vehicle. "There was a little bit of gaso line that came out," Hogg said. The car was under about 7 feet of water, he said. Maureen Boyle can be reached at

Indiana Classic Car Barn Find
Purchased from an estate. These cars were in a heated garage since new. They had a caretaker that kept the garage heated at all times.

Old Cadillac sounds like a Dragster !!!
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