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Moving unrestored 1956 Cadillac coupe

Floor rusted out, so throttle doesn't work, Shaun has to shift the Hydramatic by reaching through the floor, I hafta be the throttle, Bud has to hold the hood up, running on 1 gallon gravity feed can.


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Cadillac 1956
Este automóvil pertenece a uno de los integrantes del auto club Trasandina ,fue encontrado en precarias condiciones en el año 2003 en la ciudad de Coro, Estado Falcón, Venezuela. Enterrado en una Cienaga, luego de negociado se transporto a la ciudad de San Cristóbal donde actualmente se esta haciendo el trabajo de restauración.

1956 Cadillac Sedan Deville First Drive
My Brothers first ride in his 1956 Caddy!

Resurrecting the 1960 Cadillac
My brother bought a 1960 Cadillac. This is the first time it has ran in 16 years. I know I keep saying 8 in the video but it was actually 16. The old guy he bought it from drove the car up from NM in 94 and started tearing it apart to restore it but never finished and it sat in his barn since then.

First start of 1948 Cadillac Fleetwood since 1962.
First start of 1948 Cadillac Fleetwood since 1962. It`s a great Flathead V8, enjoy the sound. I just looove old Cadilac`s. Old Cadillac `s never die, they will just continue to run. 4 sale.

Redline Review: 2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport
With the smaller ATS now in the lineup, the 2014 Cadillac CTS is finally free to move up-market in size, power, and prestige. The all-new third-generation CTS showcases a lot of firsts for the Cadillac brand. The first twin-turbo engine, 8-speed transmission, and a plethora of luxury and technology makes this one of the best mid-size luxury sedans money can buy. If you want the best handling vehicle in the segment, look no further, your sport sedan has arrived.

Redline First Drive: 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe
Cadillac enters the hot small luxury coupe market with the 2015 ATS Coupe. Lower, wider, and shorter than its sedan sibling, but is it more than just an ATS sedan with two fewer doors?

1956 Cadillac Series 62
1956 Cadillac Series 62, V8 365 cid. 285 hp. Air conditioning. Whitewall tires. E-Z-Eye safety glass. Autronic eye automatic headlamp dimmer. Signal-seeking radio with preselector and power antenna. Heating and ventilation system. Brought back and restored to it's former glory.

How to buy a Cadillac 1956 convertible "by Tato"
Super viaggio Torino Lille - Lille Torino in una sola tirata! Acquisto Cadillac Serie62 del 1956 Convertibile.. Grazie Papà!!

Cadillac Escalade Snow Drift Lithuania
cadillac escalade snow drift lithuania, mitsubishi klubas 2009 01 04 Gaiziunai

Pulling antique car out of barn with '51 Ford wrecker Pt 1
Barn floor starting to sag, getting a 1955 Olds out of there, already they had pulled a '58 DeSoto out of there. Wrecker has a flathead Ford V8, still runs great.---- hottrod ---- Rockford, IL. ---- geocities dot com slash hottrodscars

53 Cadillac S62 Sedan walk around.
53 Cadillac S62 Sedan, old barn find in Denmark.

Swedish junkyard, barnfind, abandoned car truck pictures.
Pictures I have taken of old junkyards, abandoned cars and trucks as well as barnfinds, all of them in Sweden. Showing vehicles from 1928 up to around 1975. Many Volvo, but also a lot of US cars and trucks.

1956 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Part 1
This is my 1956 Cadillac Coupe de Ville which I bought back in 2002 from a collector in Colleyville, TX. He did not have the car for sale, but had driven it to the Arlington Swap Meet as his transportation as he was looking for a convertible. I had just arrived at the swap meet and spotted this car on the outside perimeter and was instantly taken in by its beauty--'56s have always been my favorite of the '54-'56 generation. The feature that immediately stood out for me was its original all red leather interior. I knew this was not the standard interior for a '56 Coupe de Ville, but was in all likelihood an option. I since learned that this color, along with about seven other colors, could be ordered as an option on any body style of closed car. It is essentially the same interior as would be found as standard equipment in a convertible. The further appeal of the car was its high level of optional equipment, including sabre wheels and the two-four-barrel El Dorado engine as well as factory air-conditioning. It also has first-year availability remote trunk release. I obtained a build sheet from the Cadillac Historical Service and learned that the car was built on January 13, 1956 and was sold about two weeks later through the P. P. Covert Cadillac dealership in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Beyond that, I don't have any of its history, but would like to have if anyone recognizes this car. The one weak link was the transmission, which I knew before I bought it had a bad reverse cone. It was overhauled at a transmission shop in my hometown of Waco, TX in 2002 with 51,000 miles on it. It didn't shift quite right when cold right from the start, but would smooth out when warmed up. I didn't want the shop fooling with my car, so decided I could live with it. Six years and 6,000 miles later, in 2008, the transmission self-destructed inside. I took it to another shop, in business longer than the first one and when I got it back it shifted to perfection from the very first day I had it and has done so since then. The second shop showed me the parts from the original rebuild and also told me of several things they had done wrong. They even got the linkage in perfect alignment, something I had missed with the first overhaul. The factory AC was not working when I looked at the car. I bought it on condition that the AC be working and when I picked the car up on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend 2002, the AC worked perfectly. It still works perfectly to this day with no addition of freon at all. I've made one mechanical alteration to the car since I've owned it, but it's not visible. The standard axle ratio for '56 Cadillacs was 3.07 to 1, but 3.36 to 1 was standard with the two 4-barrel set-up with no option possible. I like a higher geared set-up and about a year after buying the car a NOS 3.07 gear set appeared on eBay. I got it for the amazing price of $129, had it sent to my mechanic who installed it and filled it with synthetic lubricant. It has never whined and the motor is noticably less busy at 60 MPH than with the 3.36 gear set.

Indiana Classic Car Barn Find
Purchased from an estate. These cars were in a heated garage since new. They had a caretaker that kept the garage heated at all times.

1932 Cadillac V12 STARTS
First attempt to start 1932 Cadillac V12 following restoration of valves, valve train and valve silencers.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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