Stock 2007 350Z 1/4 mile run.

Easy launch, lifting between shifts.

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08 350z HR 1/4 Mile
First run 14.3 out of car, second run 14.1, Gateway Motorsports Park, St. Louis Eclipse is bone stock V6, Z has intakes, true dual Exhaust, clutch, Bully Dog tune, open rear diff so I couldn't launch well :(

stock 350z vs modded mustang
2003 350z with cold air intake. modded Mustang unavailable mods. 350z missed 3rd

SLEEPER Nissan 350Z vs The World!
You wouldn’t expect 700+hp from this Nissan 350z, especially considering it’s still running the original VQ35 engine Boosted with twin turbos! Not only that, but this car hooks from a roll and takes out a Dodge Hellcat Challenger, turbo Acura Integra Type R making 575hp, a 700hp Toyota Supra, a 700+hp Cadillac CTS-V, two quick bikes, and many more. This car REFUSED to lose! ------------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

350z 150 shot 11.54 1/4 mile in car go pro
my 350z at jacksonville dragstrip, 150 shot stock longblock stock transmission stock flywheel f1 racing clutch stock rear diff