Drag Race: 08' 350Z w/ full bolt-ons vs. 09' 370Z w/ Berk HFC's

370 pulled about 4 cars through the 1/4. Enjoy.

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2012 370Z 6MT (Bolt-Ons) Vs 2014 370Z 7AT (Bone Stock)
My buddy and me at the local dragstrip for test-n-tune. My buddy has intakes, test pipes, muffler delete. I am bone stock. We both have the Sport/Touring package. In this video, he ran a 13.4 and I ran a 13.6. However our last run, not recorded, he ran a 13.2 and I ran a 13.3. We are really close on the track but from a roll, he pulls me pretty good. On the Dyno I put down 270whp and he put down 297whp.

370z Dyno Test Results
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370z drag race

350z Vs Sti Vs GT.
Couople of Sunday runs.