Drag Race: 08' 350Z w/ full bolt-ons vs. 09' 370Z w/ Berk HFC's

370 pulled about 4 cars through the 1/4. Enjoy.

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2012 370Z 6MT (Bolt-Ons) Vs 2014 370Z 7AT (Bone Stock)
My buddy and me at the local dragstrip for test-n-tune. My buddy has intakes, test pipes, muffler delete. I am bone stock. We both have the Sport/Touring package. In this video, he ran a 13.4 and I ran a 13.6. However our last run, not recorded, he ran a 13.2 and I ran a 13.3. We are really close on the track but from a roll, he pulls me pretty good. On the Dyno I put down 270whp and he put down 297whp.

370z drag race

350z Vs Sti Vs GT.
Couople of Sunday runs.

Camaro SS vs 370z Nismo
2011 Chevy Camaro SS vs. 2009 Nissan 370z Nismo The Camaro had to let off the gas due to a car infront of him Camaro SS mods: Exhaust and intake 370z mods: Bolt ons