Momentum turbo 06 g35 vs 2008 350z HR bolt ons

2006 g35 momentum turbo on 9 pounds vs my 2008 nissan 350z with full bolt ons. 2nd gear 40 roll to 130. Both are 6spd

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Supercharged Mustang vs Turbo 350Z
Tork Tech MP112 Superchargered @18 psi on a 2004 Mustang GT. Built bottom end, built trans, cams, cobra fuel tank swap, Mach 1 rear end. 500+ whp racing against a turbo 350Z. I don't know what else he had done to it.

Momentum Films presents: Able to Fly Momentum Films presents: Able to Fly to be continued...

turbo 350z vs turbo G35
turbo G35 with momentum performance 35R turbo kit came across the wife in her turbonetics 60-1 turbo 350z, watch as at first he hears her BOV and just GUNS it for no reason.. he wouldn't line up with her and she finally got pissed and gunned it with him having a 1 car length advantage. She left the traction control on.. end result even with a smaller turbo she caught up to him.. he wouldn't line up for a fair race after that.... ricer

350z HR VS 2010 CAMARO SS
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