Momentum turbo 06 g35 vs 2008 350z HR bolt ons

2006 g35 momentum turbo on 9 pounds vs my 2008 nissan 350z with full bolt ons. 2nd gear 40 roll to 130. Both are 6spd

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momentum gt35r 350z
Momentum GT35R Single turbo

Supercharged Mustang vs Turbo 350Z
Tork Tech MP112 Superchargered @18 psi on a 2004 Mustang GT. Built bottom end, built trans, cams, cobra fuel tank swap, Mach 1 rear end. 500+ whp racing against a turbo 350Z. I don't know what else he had done to it.

G35 Single Turbo Kit @ Z1 Motorsports
Check out this installation of the Momentum Performance G35 Single turbo Kit down at Z1