300zx vs. Evo 9

Tries to win over a 460+whp evo 9,,, I hate 4wd cars... ;-) Need better traction when my Boost rises on higher gears... Last year in our beautiful capitol, raced against one hairy sleeper audi, used around 2bar of Boost what he didn't say that I was told later was he had closer to 600hk in the engine... Can you guess why Im not fond of our 4wd companions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G20lTL_aPA4

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300zx vs. Subaru STI
Streetrace Nissan 300zx TT vs. Subaru STI. Little shy on the launch control... better fix it with some new tires, since theese let loose when my Boost starts to rise..

300zx TT Acceleration EBC TEST
Mildly acceleration of my Z Just testing EBC settings on high temperature day (96F) Nothing crazy, not pushing it to the limit, still losing grip NT-555R Drags 15.5psi - pump fuel (91 octane)

900hp 300ZX
900hp Twin GT30R 300ZX 60-150 mph

Nissan 300zx TT vs Mitsubishi Evo8
READ DESCRIPTION**** my car has blown turbos, i am not Boosting how i should and i don't hit 15psi until 6k rpms which is why i start pulling him at the top of third and then when i get into fourth Boost drops off to about 7 psi so he starts pulling again. all in all i'm impressed with how bone stock evo's pull. this was only to about 100 mph before backing off.