Ford Mustang Vs Panoz GTR-1 Race car & 18 sec

In this circuit race "Museum Marathon" i give them Panoz GTR-1 Race cars a 18 sec head start, Its easy even a Caveman can do it! (not a tweaked Mustang) Microsoft Midtown Madness Chicago Edition is an entertaining racer that will keep you glued to your screen in a mad dash to the finish. The best thing about this game is the feeling that you're racing in a real city instead of just driving around on a flat circle. Midtown Madness comes highly recommended. Midtown Madness Free Full Download, you need 7-zip to Extract file! then SETUP.exe, then patch it & Play! Right Click 7z is the new archive format, providing high compression ratio. "Download MM1"

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Midtown Madness PC Cheats and Mods
These are all the great cheats this game has to offer. Before Midnight Club there was this.

Midtown Madness 1 - Apitude test
[HQ] ★ Good Quality ★ ➩ Hi, •Race Description• You start at a very busy place with your opponents and must pass the tunnel with alot of chaos. After that it´s just like a normal race but you probably won´t follow the CPU´s so you easly get 1st. Well atleast me. •General Information• ➣Car driven: (red) Ford-350 ➣ Difficulty: PRO ➣ Race mode: Checkpoint race. ➣ Opponents: 8 ➣ Music is recored by Fraps, no audio effects :x ★★Subscribe/ Rate and Comment★★

Midtown Madness 2: jetpack's moments of failure!
no mod used unless abandoned city and megamod 2 SE san francisco note: I DON'T own the musics!

Midtown Madness race in traffic 1
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