Ford Mustang Vs Panoz GTR-1 Race car & 18 sec

In this circuit race "Museum Marathon" i give them Panoz GTR-1 Race cars a 18 sec head start, Its easy even a Caveman can do it! (not a tweaked Mustang) Microsoft Midtown Madness Chicago Edition is an entertaining racer that will keep you glued to your screen in a mad dash to the finish. The best thing about this game is the feeling that you're racing in a real city instead of just driving around on a flat circle. Midtown Madness comes highly recommended. Midtown Madness Free Full Download, you need 7-zip to Extract file! then SETUP.exe, then patch it & Play! Right Click 7z is the new archive format, providing high compression ratio. "Download MM1"

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Midtown Madness-Demo-Freie Fahrt-Patch
In diesem Video kannst du sehen, das man mit hilfe des 'Midtown Madness-Demo-Freie Fahrt-Patch' auf der ganzen Karte fahren kann. Der Patch kann hier heruntergeladen werden:

Midtown Madness 1 Through and Through
The hardest race of the city

Midtown Madness 1 - North River Run
Just messing around in Midtown Madness 1 on Amateur mode Fail ending ^^

Beat the bridges with a cheat
To use cheats press the keys CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F7 without the plus symbol