1985 Trans Am Exhaust - Borla

Just a clip of my Exhaust without ruining the neighborhood. Borla Catback and then same setup with Edelbrock Headers.

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Formula with Borla Muffler
Borla 14780 - Borla GM Car Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

1985 trans am MAC exhaust
85 trans am 305 tpi MAC headers and full Exhaust, no cat, and bad valve seals

1984 Pontiac Trans Am with Magnaflow Exhaust
This is a stock 1984 Trans Am but with cat-back Magnaflow Exhaust. I'm a car guy just sharing my car. Car has been in family since new. Ran a 15.9s 1/4 mile at 87mph during a drag strip run but had stock muffler at the time. This car also has the 5.0L (L69) engine with ram air (they called it cold air induction back then). Shot the vid with my old camera so is kind of choppy. The two popping sounds on the Exhaust sound were backfires...was kind of hot from idling and does that sometimes.

92 Firebird Formula exhaust clip...borla with headers
305 TPI, T-56 swap, SLP runners, SLP Cold Air kit, SLP Headers, Borla Cat-back