1985 Trans Am Exhaust - Borla

Just a clip of my Exhaust without ruining the neighborhood. Borla Catback and then same setup with Edelbrock Headers.

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1985 trans am MAC exhaust
85 trans am 305 tpi MAC headers and full Exhaust, no cat, and bad valve seals

1985 Trans Am Start up and revs
My 1985 Transam, quick walkaround start up and revs.

Trying To Start The 1985 Trans Am Spring 2012
Trying to take it out of storage this past Spring. Battery was Super Dead! Jumping it didn't work, Neither did a Battery Booster, And both at the same time didn't work either. Got a new battery for it.

85 Trans Am Flowmasters & Hooker Super Comp. Headers Rev
85 Trans Am 305 V8 AEM Intake Hooker Super Comp Headers Full Flowmaster Exhaust System Much more...