Power&Glory v3 - The Capri RS3100

Power&Glory v3 mod is soon to be released. The Ford Capri RS3100 included in the mod is one of the most extreme and exciting cars of the 70s. http://www.gtlw.co.uk

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Power&Glory v3 GTAm
In 1970 Alfa Romeo created an evolution of the GTA Junior 1300, willing to continue its competition success in the 1300cc class. The car had wheelarch extensions, 13-inch wide rims and tyres and wider track. At the same time, a new model with bigger capacity, was created for the new 2000cc class, based on the 1750 GTV model with same capacity engine (actually 1779 cc), later bored out close to 2 liters (1985 cc) hence the "maggiorata" addition to the GTA initials. Main distinction was the 4 headlamp at the front and a different cockpit. The GTLWorkshop has modeled and reproduced both variations with historical precision and great attention to detail, which together with our brand new physics, produces an amazing driving experience.

Ten years of a restoration project- Capri RS2600 Race Replica
This is ten years of race car restoration project in 8:40 minutes. See other videos: Killing 1st engine in Dyno: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdWjY-fL9Jg 2nd engine in Dyno:https://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=a74qBoASVpA Race compilation of Season 2013:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBzRnmYlIkI Music from Mikseri.net: Zenith Spot - Mother Funk Cooldown - The Chase Funktion - Hyperventlation Cover photo and last photo in video Tuukka Erkkilä.

Power and Glory@Spielberg Capri RS 3100 - GTR 2 Mod - Gameplay
Un aperçu du gameplay de P&G, mod pour GTR 2. Physique revu (roues décollent ), grosse inertie, difficile à conduire, un must pour les véhicules des 60' et 70'. Sans aide ( sauf ABS non désactivable ) avec une Capri RS 3100 . Course sur @Spielberg à 21h00 - tour de qualif - course avec deux départs.

Ford Capri Turbo Zakspeed (Mücke Motorsport) at Nürburgring DRM revival 2014
Engine: straight 4 / Cosworth BDA / 1745 cc / 106,48 cu in Power: 600hp (441 kw) @ 9000 rpm Torque: 482 Nm (355,5 ft lb) @ 6800 rpm Acceleration: 60 - 200 km/h in 6.3 sec Topspeed: 330 km/h / 205,05 mph Weight 850 kg / 1870 lbs (dry) Chassis: Aluminium spaceframe chassis Event: 42nd Oldtimer GP Race series: DRM revival Date: 8th to 10th of august 2014 Track: Nürburgring Team: Mücke Motorsport Driver: Peter Mücke (GER) Qualified 4th overall from 33 entries Race 1: finished 2nd overall from 28 finishers Race 2: finished 2nd overall from 30 finishers Filmed with: Canon Legria HF M46 Canon EOS 7D More info about this car http://www.muecke-motorsport-classic.de/de/Rennfahrzeuge/Ford-Zakspeed-turbo-Capri-/Informationen.html All pictures from this event. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk1MXMEr My pictures http://belgian-motorsport.com Like my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/belgian-motorsport/330079181265