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Sebring STO Race 09Jan11

SCCA Sebring National 09Jan11


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Sebring STO Race 08Jan11 Laps 1 3

Sebring STO Race 08Jan11 Laps 7-8
SCCA Sebring National 08Jan11

Sebring 2010 Race #2 Lap 4
SCCA Race at Sebring January 2010

SCCA T1 Run Offs 2007 Laps 1-2
first two laps of T1 Run Offs 2007

55 miatas in 12 minutes - sebring 2011
driving a 350z touring car, started behind all 55 miatas at anSCCA national . I have nothing to be proud of for beating them, but I am proud of some of the crazy moves, patience at times, passes for most without affecting their race, and all without a scratch on my car. Well, ok I must admit I dragged the underside of my car on a few curbs....

S13 ITE SCCA The Race Buttonwillow 14CW

Sebring National SM 2006
2006 Sebring National Jim Drago, Eric Foss, Chip Van, Todd Buras . Video from Eric's Car. In light of the National Race coming in jan, I dug up a video and am posting to show what people can expect from Chip, Alex B, Jim D, Danny S, Pat S and 20 others racing this Jan. The tape died rounding 17 on the last lap. Chip slipped a little so the finishing order Todd, Eric F, Chip and a close 4th Jim D. Tons O Fun!

Sebring 2011 - SCCA Touring 2 Sunday Race
Race Group 6 (GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, T1, T2) T2 Starters: 1. Brian Kleeman (Blue 350Z - camera car) 2. Richard Baldwin (Silver 350Z) 3. Bill Steinhoff (Orange 350Z) 4. Alan Kossof (White BMW)

Lime Rock Park 2014 rear view #1

Lime Rock 2014 Laps 11 25

LPI Racing RX7
1993 RX& from LPI Racing

Lime Rock 2014 Laps 1 10

Lime Rock 2014 Laps 26 35

NER SCCA "Summer Heat" 7/10/2010
Video of run group 3 shot from my 2005 Focus ITE #55, driven by my friend Dave Youngren. It was raining most of the day, but settled down to a very light rain just as this group went to grid. Since we did not have rain tires, Dave was probably the only car on DOT slicks for this session. But the track was far from dry, so here is some good footage of how to handle a FWD racer on slicks on a soggy track. The car is not prepped for ITE, it still has a basically stock 2.3L Duratec engine, with a header and recalibrated ECU. New motor is in the works, but the suspension and brakes have about 75% of the planned mods to run this car in STU.

Scott Bove - SCCA National July 1, 2012
Scott Bove delivered first STO win to BF Goodrich at the SCCA National

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