Wissota A Mod Chevy 358 Race Engine 624 Horsepower

CNC-Motorsports 2009/2010 research and development Wissota modified spec engine. We spend countless hours both on the track, and on the Dyno improving our circle track combination. Call us for you all your circle track engine needs, 800-341-1528 or 605-692-1697.. Please visit our web site www.cnc-motorsports.com Thanks for watching.

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358 sbc CHEVY NOVA 1979 chrome engine...thumper cam
This is da 2nd vid of my nova..this is afta i installed a 489/476 comp thumper cam..

Dart 372ci SHP Motor Dyno Test
We Dyno test our standard 372 ci SHP short block combination with a set of Iron Eagle S/S 165cc heads.

Small Block Chevy 434 Race motor 763HP
We used a Dart Block completly machined by www.mesabalancing.com the cylinder heads were hand ported along with the intake and we tailored the ignition curve and carburator on the Dyno using sunoco 112 fuel.

Dirt track car start up
Starting up engine in modified car, 650hp