Michael Winslow

que grandeee este chabonn

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Michael Winslow - Driving a rental truck
From his dvd Michael Winslow Live! http://www.amazon.com/Michael-Winslow-Live/dp/B001MD1XKK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8 &qid=1291413302&sr=8-1

Michael Winslow doing funny sound effects and says "bollocks" on Daybreak - 28th July 2011
Best known as Motor Mouth from Police Academy...Michael chats about his new show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival ,the possible return of Police Academy and does effects over the Daybreak screen saver video. Then tries some horrible ice cream with Joey from TOWIE. The hosts are Dan Lobb and Christine Bleakley.

Best of Michael Winslow
Compilation of Michael Winslow's best sounds and performances. Subscribe for more!

Michael Winslow the Sound Effects Guy Pranks Bonnaroo | Bonnaroo 2013 | Bonnaroo365
Subscribe to Bonnaroo365: http://bit.ly/SubBonnaroo365  Official Website: http://bit.ly/BonnarooWebsite Michael Winslow cruises the festival in a golf cart making jokes and sound effects with a megaphone.   Bonnaroo is more than a music festival. If you love music, laughter, animals, dance parties, coolness, friends and good stuff, Bonnaroo 365 will keep you feeling the vibe all year round. Enter a world of music discovery, incredible characters, soulful inspiration, and flat-out ridiculousness. Most importantly, be sure to join in on the fun, conversation, and free stuff.    Bonnaroo 365 - Your year round ticket to performances, artists, happiness, adventures, nirvana, couscous, over-joyousness, sharing, dancing, hyperbolic verbiage, system overload...  The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is four of the best days ever. 80,000 happy campers.  700 acres of Tennessee nature. 150 epic performances.  10+ stages of music.  Several dozen comedians. An escape into excitement.  Music.  Art. Discoveries.   Great Bonnaroo365 Music: http://bit.ly/AllB365Music  Great Bonnaroo365 Shows: http://bit.ly/AllB365Shows  All Access Pass: http://bit.ly/AllAccessPassB365    Facebook: http://bit.ly/B365Facebook  Twitter: http://bit.ly/B365Twitter  Bonnaroo Blog: http://bit.ly/BonnarooBlog  Instagram: http://bit.ly/BonnarooInstagram  Tumblr: http://bit.ly/BonnarooTumblr  G+: http://bit.ly/BonnarooGooglePlus  Pinterest: http://bit.ly/BonnarooPinterest    What we are listening to: http://bit.ly/BonnarooSpotify  We got Apps: http://bit.ly/BonnarooApps  Bonnaroo Radio: http://bit.ly/BonnarooRadio    Michael Winslow the Sound Effects Guy Pranks Bonnaroo | Bonnaroo 2013 | Bonnaroo365 http://www.youtube.com/user/bonnaroo365