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Learn the "Golf Tee Mod" For Your Exhaust To Make it Sound a Bit Cooler! FOR FREE!

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135 M1 Exhaust Golf Tee Mod
135 M1 Golf Tee Mod in 30 seconds Directly beside tailpipe, disconnect vac tube plug with Golf Tee and done.

335i Coupe - Golf Tee Mod - Before and After
Before and after comparison of the popular "Golf Tee Mod". Basically, the stock left side muffler has a vacuum/Boost controlled valve that remains shut during idle and part throttle to maintain lower noise levels and opens under throttle for sporty sound. The Golf Tee Mod simply plugs the vacuum line to the actuator just before the Exhaust tip, allowing it to remain open at all times for a slightly louder sound at part throttle and idle. Free mod and worth the 3 minutes that it takes to do it.

E46 323Ci - Exhaust with removed butterfly flap (golf tee mod)
So I went to do the golf tee mod on my E46 323Ci and found the butterfly flap in the pipe was actually siezed shut even with the engine off, so it wasn't moving at all. This video is after I took a screwdriver and hammer to the flap, Clarkson style. You can even see that both pipes are now working and it sounds a bit deeper on idle and much deeper when revved

Bmw 335i Golf tee mod + Sound comparation
my very first mod to my car tee mod, great sound engine was warm.