Fernley Drags 9-17-11

Last race of the night. Evil 55 Chevy vs. the fastest car of the night.

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Fernley Drags 9-17-11 #2
Green Chevelle vs. "Nite Train" Black Chevelle

Reno-Fernley Raceway...Saturday 5/17/08 Drags
Here are various races at the track on saturday night...it was fun...enjoy.

Reno Fernley Drag Racing 8.7.09
My brother has the Black 72 Dodge Dart 505 CU motor. 10.58 best time. Straight Gas 110 octane- no bottle.

Grudgefest 10-17-2009 Sacramento Raceway drag racing
Drag racing at Sacramento Raceway's Grudgefest 10-17-2009.