2 weeks back i had problem with the EML and they have to change the throttle valve motor. after that i drive the car for 1 day suddenly the EML light come again!!!!! I came back the the same garage, after 2 week in the garage they said i have to change the DME, the car working now but its very slow, so i was wondering if ANY ONE KNOW WHAT IS THIS. plz help me????????

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BMW EML Light On Fault Codes Found Launch CRP123
The CRP123 is available here ag_Transmission_Professional_Code_Scanner__189010-z=605301&p=79911.cfm

2003 BMW 530i (E39) CEL, EML, floating rpms and rpm drops when accelerating
First start after replacing: - DISA - CVV with all hoses (installed cold climate version) - VANOS seals from Beisan - VANOS rattle kit - Valve Cover Gasket - Drive belt, pulleys and tensioner - AC belt, pulley and tensioner - Spark plugs - Intake rubber boots (lower and upper) - Fan Clutch - Engine air filter - Cabin air filters Also cleaned: - MAF sensor - ICV - Throttle Body

BMW Engine Stalling Loss Of Power No Acceloration Oil Pressure Warning
I ran into an issue on a BMW 3 Series with the M54 engine. This problem could occur on any BMW with the M52TU or M54 engine including the 5 Series E39, X3, and X5. The same component causing this failure can cause a no start problem and transmission problems.