Is this Britain's best bus driver ? How to get up Saltburn Bank!

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Bus Driver Of The Year
Now this is one dedicated bus driver! He just plows through traffic like it's no big deal. I guess he was running on a tight schedule!

Another, Lesson in Parking along the Streetcar Line
The Streetcar hangs over the Cement Roadbed a bit more, so, a white line is painted so you know your in the clear.......some just have a disregard for it. From South Waterfront District, Portland, Oregon.

A horror bus ride, skidding down the Remarkables ski resort mountain road.
This 4 wheel drive bus operated by the ski resort transport company was sliding down the road with a huge drop of about 1000 feet beside it. It is on the Remarkables ski area access road. In Queenstown New Zealand. Yes it IS 4wd

Teen Flips Out at Bus Driver (Improved)
Nothing he or the bus driver said has been cut out. Started recording after I heard her say she was calling for back up. The whole thing started when he gave his friend a hug who was having a down day. It was blown way out of proportion. For a tiny bit more context, this kid had started this thing where we compliment the bus driver every day as we get off. I'm not sure what happened, but they got on each other's bad sides. Most of us sided with the kid, mainly because the whole thing was taken a bit too far. He didn't start yelling until she stopped the bus and forced us to wait for whoever she called for backup. We have a new bus driver now, and no other information was really given out.