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scania vabis 55

scania vabis 55 1963 mod coldstart first time since 1994


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scania vabis 56 start upp
not started since 2004

cold start scania regent - 1951
startar scanian

Old Scania 85 super 1971 cold start, -3
This truck is on Iceland and has been there all his life and is only been driven 257.000 km. This is a good car in a good condition.

Scania L50S & Aktiv Snow-Trac ST4 #406
Scania L50 1970.mod. Snow-Trac ST4 1963.mod. Kvinnegardslie. Aktiv Snow-Trac on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aktiv-Snow-Trac/64336141712

Scania 110 Super
-71 Scania 110 Super firetruck.

HTZ T-150KM with Scania DS14 V8-diesel starting -4 degrees.
I installed Scania engine in Harkov T-150K last winter because the old engine was leaking coolant to engine oil. There's self made adaptor plate between engine and transmission case. Scania DS14 engine was bought from junk yard. I made it only minor repairs to the engine like replaced one broken cylinder liner with new one and installed new nozzles.

Scania Vabis resa 2011
ELJen på väg till verkstad efter 10 års stillestånd.

cold start volvo viking army truck , Part 2
an old swedish army truck stuck in the woods, with a broken 4x4 gear.

Scania Regent med snöplog
Richard Öhman kör sin Scania Regent med spetsplog. www.richardstraktormuseum.se

volvo n88 cranetruck

Old Scania Rient
Scania Rient..

Old Scania Rient
Scania Rient..

66 Scania Vabis D11 successful cold start
Dad found it a good idea trying to get the old Scania started in the norwegian winter cold... well, with some persuation it worked =) D11 engine, no turboshit

Scania 81
Scania 81

scania ls76 med maskintrailer
flyttar grävmaskinen med scanian

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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