Semi Crashes (Waffco Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery)

Semi crashes through the course of 2000-2009

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091911 Semi crash kills driver on Russellville Road
The driver of a tractor trailer was killed Monday morning in a single-vehicle crash on Russellville Road (Ky. Highway 79), resulting in the road being closed for several hours. The crash occurred around 10 a.m., in 5000 block as, for an unknown reason, the southbound vehicle exited the right shoulder and traveled several hundred before losing its load of a 60,000-pound aluminum ingot.

New really bad car wrecks
New really bad and really strange car wrecks and accidents.

Pulling Over Rolled Semi Full of Corn - 2007
Road narrowed at the top of the hill and the driver got sucked into the ditch and dumped the load of 1000 bushels of corn and all were vacuumed up except a couple bushels, trailer was totaled, semi was salvaged and still used today.

Indiana State Trooper Crash Sgt. Rich "Houdini" Kelly by: Doug Brassine
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS VIDEO IS OVER 4 YEARS OLD AND CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE AS TO LOCATIONS OF TRUCK INSPECTIONS. MOVE OVER / SLOW DOWN Protect those who are protecting us!!! It is the law in Indiana. 11/20/2009 Correction to video. Rich had a fractured vertebrae and returned to work after 4 months of rehab. See for verification.