Semi Crashes (Waffco Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery)

Semi crashes through the course of 2000-2009

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FAIL | Truck Crash Compilation 2016 | FailArmy Channel
FAIL Truck Crash Compilation 2016 captured on camera, truck accidents and more. PLAY previous: Please Support this channel by clicking Like and Subscribe. Thank You! ♥♥♥♥♥☺ ◘Driver distraction is identified as one of the main causes of road crashes today!◘

Shocking Video : Car VS Semi
Crash involving a 2006 Subaru Impreza and a semi. Subaru crossed into my lane and hit the trailer tandems. February 16 2011 Thisis also my first High Definition YouTube video! woot woot Movin' On Up! Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Music used by permission Constancy Part Three Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

HD Tractor-trailer jackknife and Texas icy slides caught on camera - January 24, 2014
**No one was hurt in any of these incidents** Freezing rain creates treacherous bridge icing from Houston to Beaumont, Texas on Friday, January 24, 2014. Copyright strictly enforced. Learn more about driving on icy roads at: 1.) A tractor-trailer rig hits an icy bridge in Winnie, Texas and jackknifes into the median, barely missing another truck that had lost control moments earlier. 2.) A pickup driver, just warned by the photographer about the ice on the bridge, loses control and slides into the barrier. 3.) Dashcam view of the same incident. 4.) An SUV loses control on an icy bridge in Cleveland, Texas just after rounding the curve out of view. The sound of the slide is heard. 5.) Dashcam: A pickup nearly slides out of control on I-10 east of Houston, but recovers. 6.) Shots of the tow truck pulling the tractor trailer in shot #1 out of the median. Catalog #HD-TXX-012414A Copyright Dan Robinson. ught-on-tape-hd-txx-012414a.php Footage is registered with the US Copyright Office. No copying, reuploading or any unauthorized use permitted. Copyright strictly enforced. Visit for licensing information.

Ford F550 Accident Recovery - Ervin McGarrah Road, Lowell, Arkansas
This video shows an accident scene from September 6, 2014. This Ford F550 was traveling northbound on Ervin McGarrah Road in Lowell, Arkansas. The road had recently been re-surfaced using the chip-n-seal method, which leaves loose gravel on the surface, as well as at the edge of the road. The driver of this truck was from out of town, and had not driven on this road before. Since most of the loose gravel on the road surface had either been embedded in the road, or kicked to the side by this time, he had no way of knowing that there were still parts of the road with some loose gravel. The driver also would not know that this is an increasing radius corner, with an immediate 60 degree drop off, with no shoulder. These road characteristics and conditions, coupled with the heavy weight and high center of gravity of the truck, contributed to the vehicle leaving the roadway. Upon leaving the roadway, the truck briefly sideswiped the guardrail prior to continuing forward, sliding along the pipe fence. After approximately 30 feet, the fence ruptured, causing steel pipe and steel bars to penetrate the vehicle in several places. They penetrated the engine compartment, firewall, passenger compartment, camper, and utility boxes in the bed. In the video, you can clearly see the two inch pipe which penetrated from the front of the engine compartment, through the passenger side of the cab, and through the camper. The driver did not have a passenger. A K9 Deputy from the Benton County Sheriff's Department responded to the accident. 40th Street Towing, and Affordable Towing & Recovery, from Springdale, Arkansas responded as well. One thing worth noting -- Benton County installed a guardrail on this corner a few years ago to help with this repeat issue of cars going off of this corner. The issue is that the guardrail does not extend far enough around the corner. This increasing radius corner makes cars prone to going off the road near the end of the guardrail, where it is not effective.