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450hp S14

1996 240sx with blacktop sr20det tuned by Intec Racing in Kent, WA. running a holset hx35 at 25psi, power fc l-jetro, avc-r.


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240sx SR20DET dyno pull 450HP on 91 pump gas
a Dyno pull of a friends 240sx with an SR swap. NO meth injection, just 91 pump gas. The final tune yeilded 460HP

377 SBC Dyno
400 sbc destroked to a 377 on the Dyno. SRP 9cc pistons, canfield 220cc heads, 12.45:1 compression, Keith Dorton intake, Holley 750sp carb, Trick 114 fuel. It will be going into a 1988 s10 for drag racing. *NOTE*-It was discovered I was having valve float and the valves were not sealing all the way. New springs and valve job, along with head porting and a compression of 12.9:1 have followed. Dyno coming soon, expecting a better gain in power.

HR 350z vs SR20DET turbo 240sx
07 350z touring with intakes, 240 @ 14 psi

Pre-compressor water injection
Video taken 18" from the inlet of a Holset HX35 being injected with water at roughly 170 psi (250 psi pump) with a 7gph nozzle. It begins injecting at 51 seconds into the video.

240sx (sr20det) vs 99-04 Mustang GT
240sx - sr20det, gt2871r, 10psi, safc2, I/H/E Mustang GT - I/H/E, Pulleys, tune, 4.10 gears, race gas (110 octane), 100 shot of Nitrous 1st & 2nd - 15 roll 3rd - 55 roll - 115 (stopped at 115 because governor kicked in)

DSM Holset HX35
This is the first time that I turned the car over. It is running on an open 02 and latter I found out that I had the wrong firing order :}. It is fixed now but here is the first start.

Trening w kielcach 27 pazdziernik 2009 onboard
Niestety statyw zawiódł, tak wiec musi zadowolić was onboard kręcony z reki :)

2000 Nissan S15, Tomei Engine 450HP, Nismo 6Speed
http://import2race.com 2000 Nissan S15, Tomei Engine 450HP, Nismo 6Speed

Sierra Cosworth with Megasquirt and Holset Turbo
Stock engine with ported head, 1.7bar of Boost. Megasquirt 1 3.0 engine management and Holset HX35 turbo on homemade Exhaust manifold

1995 Nissan 240SX SR20DET DYNO Tuning for 450 WHP+
The guys at Blueridge Motorsports doing what they do best working on my Silvia getting it tuned after the addition of some major upgrades.

91 Spirit R/T dyno run 32 psi
Lotashelby's 91 TIII powered spirit R/T on the Dyno with a Holset HE-351 CW turbocharger at 32 psi. Stock #'s matching engine with 173K miles, stock I/C, +40% MP injectors, FWD stage 4 cal, 3" Exhaust, Simler Customs timing belt idler mod. Fuel injector for cylinder #4 decided to stop delivering fuel at about 4500 rpm. The head, gasket, and piston didn't like that very much. Put down 255 whp before giving up.

240sx holset ka-t
my nissan 240sx ka-t with a holset hy35 turbo, 7 psi.

Brand new Holset HX35 turbo failure (shaft play)
Upon playback i realized that right when i said, "I donno if thats normal?... It's not too much", it's pretty fucking bad. This is (was) a brand new turbo I'm, running on my RB30DET 240sx. I put maybe 400 km on it, if that. The story is, me and a buddy were out tuning, and we blew the pipes off the Intercooler on the hotside. Not knowing what happened, I had a friend tow me back to the house. After i fixed the pipes, a "whining" sound was noticed upon decel. The sound got quieter as the engine and turbo warmed up, but it was still there. Just shooting in the dark, it might be due to one, or a combination of: -shitty oil which caused coking due to excessive heat from being mounted so close to the manifold. -blowing my Intercooler pipes off on a WOT pull at ~16 psi @ 5000 rpm which somehow overspun the turbo or or since we were doing pulls all night and the engine died, i was unable to turbo-time it (which relates to the point above) -oil starvation due to the fact that i did not "pre-oil" it upon installation (doubtful)

S14 at mission raceway 7-8-11
1996 240sx with blacktop sr20det tuned by Intec Racing in Kent, WA. running a holset hx35 at 25psi, power fc l-jetro, avc-r.

Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET Holset HX30 Turbo 740cc injectors - Dyno Run
Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET Holset HX30 turbo 740cc injectors - Dyno Run

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