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Buck The 4 Door Buick

Buck the 4 Door Buick on a Sunday afternoon drive.......McCoy s '64 Chevrolet Chevelle


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Drag Week 2010 - Day 3 (Wednesday) at Indy!
aDay 3 at Drag Week at one of the BADDES tracks in the country. Eddie Miller (Elvis) running his personal best E/T, Larry Larson setting the quickest Drag Week E/T, Jeff Lutz on his first 200mph pass, and tons of wheelies including one from Michael Roy's BOAT flying through the air!

Honk If Parts Fall Off, 9.244 @ 150.68
67 Chevelle 4 door running 9.244 @ 150.68 at Maple Grove Race way (as seen from the top end)

SS Shaun Chevelle vs. Big Matt Camaro - $1,000 RACE
SS Shaun Chevelle vs. Big Matt Camaro - $1,000 RACE Chevelle - Built LSX with D1 ProCharger on 20" rims Camaro - Built LS1, Heads, Cam, D1 ProCharger, Meth injection, Nitrous, VHT & Tires Matt didn't want to give up the money at first even though he lost then finally paid up! SS SHAUN FTW!!! BY A FEW CARS!

1964 Buick Special

buick skylark custom 4 door 350cui 2bbl 1969 (model 1970)
total rebuild engine, 1 cherry bomb, christmas santa for fun

FASTEST STREET CAR IN THE WORLD! Larry Larson runs 6.95 @ 209 on Drag Week!!!
http://www.1320video.com/store/dvd/ Larry Larson proves his car once again to be the fastest street car in the world by completing Hot Rod Magazin'es Drag Week 2010 AND making the first 6 second pass in Drag Week history! Not only did he make a 6 second pass, but he made that pass after driving 1200 miles on country roads, rain, and he did it 20 minutes after a 7.005 pass, hot lapping the car!

1870 HP Chevelle Street Test. Nelson Racing Engines. Tom Nelson. 1969 Chevelle. NRE.
Tom Nelson takes us for another famous ride in this beautiful 1969 Chevelle. Its not completely finished as yet. What a stunner its going to be. What would this car do with slicks? For more information go to http://nelsonracingengines.com as well as http://nelsonsupercars.com. For Video media production go to http://VeritasMovieStudio.com. To see the previous NRE TV episode for this car click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whAj_z8k1E0&feature=plcp .

1972 Buick Skylark $3975.00 4 barrel dual exhaust great sound.www.nhcarman.com.MOD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0Woy8iPjwM Always garage kept..I bought in in 1984 with 92,000 its has 160,000 now Motor rebuilt 3 years ago Tranny replaced 5 years ago Interior redone 10 years ago 1972 Buick Skylark body is in excellent condition 4 barrel carb dual Exhaust its running great sound.www.nhcarman.com.MOD http://www.youtube.com/nhcarman over 100 walk around videos http://www.nhcarman.com nhcarman@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/NHCarman1 http://nhcarman.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/548237041 http://cid-f95bfcfe186d749a.profile.live.com http://co120w.col120.mail.live.com/?rru=home&livecom=1 http://twitter.com/NHCarman 1972 Buick Skylark $4975.00 4 barrel dual Exhaust great sound.www.nhcarman.com.MOD http://www.uscarguy.com/ http://www.uscarman.com http://www.toyotavideo-s.com http://www.toyotatundravideos.com http://www.shelbyMustangvideos.com http://www.nhcarman.net http://www.nhcarguy.com http://www.newtruckvideos.com http://www.newcarvideo-s.com http://www.newcartruckvideo.com http://www.Mustangvideo-s.com http://www.lincolnvideo-s.com http://www.fordvideo-s.com http://www.fordtruckvideos.com http://www.fordtruckvideo.com http://www.fordsuperdutyvideos.com http://www.fordraptorvideo.com http://www.fordkingranchervideo.com http://www.fordf150videos.com http://www.cartruckvideo.com http://www.2012toyotavideos.com http://www.2012fordvideos.com http://2012fordMustangvideo.com http://www.2011toyotavideos.com http://www.2011lincolnvideos.com http://www.willbegin.com http://www.2011fordvideos.com Http://www2011fordMustangvideos.com http://www.2012lincolnvideo.com

chevelle burnout
my old car back in the days ..before i blowed the engine.. yes i know it's a 4door and a original a malibu,but what the hell guys,chevelle sound so much better then malibu ;)

Desert Valley Junkyard Tour V8TV
http://www.v8tvshow.com - Junkyards or should we say, Old Parts Goldmines, are an essential resource when putting an old car back together, and there are some really great yards in the dry climates where the cars never rusted.

P~ 1 The MUD BOG at Good Times 4x4's Sept 2010
Thanks to Good Times 4x4's for having us there for the Third year of videoing for them and all the members and People that come to the event ... Thanks to the Barnyard Boggers ,Friday 4x4's and Home Grown 4x4's also NEW at the club as a Club but been coming to the event for years is the BORN MUDDERS 4x4's.. Check out more videos like this and Motor Sports at our website for FREE http://theoutlawvideoss.webs.com/

4 door 71 Buick Skylark Build
My 1971 Buick Skylark " A work in progress". Buick 350 4 barrel, comp cams camshaft, lifters, roller timing chain, high volume oil pump, Th350 trans. 97,000 original miles. Power Seats, Power windows, A/C. Super 44 mufflers.

542ci BBC in 1964 Chevelle SS
Super Gas class.

69 Chevelle 2 door Coupe (My micro-machine)
In the early 80's this car was made by cutting about 4 feet out of grandma's 4 door chevelle, well how else do you get grandma's 4 door chevelle into Hot Rod Magazine. It made it into Hot Rod Magazine in 1983, in color. It has an 84 inch wheel base, and with 850hp under the hood it should do wheel stands all too well. Lately just about got all of the other bugs worked out so I can start driving it and should be able to take it to some car shows with some friends and have some fun. I also want to take it to the track and see what it will run, I've been told it should run 10.5 or faster, only one way to find out. The engine is a newer Chevrolet truck block from a 91-95 Chevy Silverado SS, as far as internals it has a World Products short block kit PN = WRL-108099, which makes it a 496 CI engine I threw in a different set of pistons which with the Brodix aluminum heads it makes the compression ratio 10.1:1 so it will run on pump gas easily. It has a full roller valve train with a CompCams 4/7 swap firing order for a more even torque curve with less strain on the internals, the lift is .748 intake and the same on the Exhaust., Crower H-bar solid roller lifters, thick wall .080 1-pice pushrods with the Crower full roller Magnum rockers (steel not aluminum) to top of the Valvetrain it has Brodix stud girdles on the Brodix PN = BRO-2021038 Aluminum heads that have been port matched to the Edelbrock 2975 intake with a Holley Dominator 1150 gasoline carb. MSD-6AL ignition with 8MM wires NGK spark plugs, Holley SuperComp Ceramic coated 2-piece headers, they wrap around the frame, moroso solid engine mounts, high volume oil pump, Moroso aluminum fabricated tall valve covers with Pan-Evac system installed, March Billit pulley system with billit brakets (V-Belt), 3 piece CompCams timing cover (you can change the cam very easily without dropping the oil pan), Edelbrock high volume waterpump, Griffin Aluminum radiator, Barry Grant 280gpm fuel pump with 20 gallon fuel cell with sender, Powerglide transmission with external cooler with fan, 5000 stall converter, 18.1 transmission scatter shield, Ford 9-inch rear differential with 4.88 gears (mini-spool), 4 wheel disc brakes with HydroBoost system, all new braking system including new master cylinder from a 69 Corvette, adjustable proportioning valve, new steel lines, new rubber hoses, remanufactured calipers with new front rotors and bearings, just had the rear axle bearings replaced about 500-1000 miles ago. Rear tires are Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Radial 29 x 15.50 x 15 on Centerline wheels and 165r15's on the front. Shaved door handles. Lots of chrome steering and suspension parts, upper and lower control arms, spindle, backing plates, inner and outer tie rod ends with chrome sleeves, 1 1/4 chrome front sway bar. Too much money invested, must see. Recommend new paint, body is very straight and new bumpers due to chrome is pitting.

67 Chevelle 4 door
4 door chevelle goes 10.18 at 137 at pinks all out in englishtown

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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