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פירוק אלטרנטור-How to Fix an Alternator

http://www.car10.co.il פירוק אלטרנטור Alternator Repair


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http://www.cobalt-minor.co.uk/alternatordvd.htm Alternator repair and rebuild part 1 is some footage from the dvd that we film showing 3 different ypes being rebuilt. One lucas alternator, one Delco alternator and a Lucas dynamo rebuild. I show you how to change the alternator bearings brushes rotor commutator casings stator magnet the lot. You will that basically the only "special tool" rrequired is big enough soldering iron which you will need to replace the alternator rectifier and on some alternator the voltage regulator. The dynamo is easy except for a special spring clamp but thats not always needed. We show you how to check the rotor windings without special tools and also you see an accident I have with the hammer so you'll see what not to when you are repairing or rebuilding your rotary components.

How To Replace Your Alternator
This video demonstrates of the basic removal and installation of an alternator. If you're not sure your alternator needs replacing, watch our video "When to Replace Your Alternator" to learn how to diagnose alternator failure. Or, you can visit your local AutoZone where we can test the components of your starting and charging system for free.

איך לעשות ניקוי קרבורטור
זה בשבילכם פורום קורקינט מספר 1 KIS.CO.IL כולם להיכנס לפורום הפצצה הזה

Testing GM's 105 amp CS130D, AD230, 125 Amp AD237 & 130-145 Amp AD244 Alternator
http://alternatorparts.com/ How to test General Motors Alternators, using the CS-130D and AD-244 alternator. For help call 616-785-7990

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