Kawasaki Ninja 300cc TOP SPEED 192Km/h

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2016 Yamaha R3 VS Ninja 300 | REVIEW/DYNO
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Ninja 300 vs Honda CBR500R
Finally met the nemesis of the Ninja 300, the Honda CBR500RR. It was very quick. I am surprised it is a learner bike. Those extra 200cc make a big difference! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NinjaOn2Wheels

Kawasaki Ninja 300 TOP SPEED - 191 km/h 118 mph
In this video you can see how the Kawasaki Ninja 300 at top speed. You can see the maximum accelerartion and the top speed after a few seconds (there was a small uphill before reaching the max.speed, 191 km/h. It's awesome for a small 300cc, great bike!! ------UPDATED---- Action starts around 33 seconds. Estimates: 0-100: 6.5s 0-120: 9s 400m: 16s 0-160: 18s 1km: 29s (Analysis by PyroSA, Thanks!)

kawasaki Ninja 300 Delkevic ds70 exhaust, ninjinha escape Delkevic
A better video, and with the pink wheel tape. And the Delkevic Exhaust. It is 20º out side.