Basics of Nitro Engines + Tuning

Bacics of Nitro Engines + Tuning This is a bacic introduction to nitro engines and how to tune them. NOTES: clockwise to lean out the engine (more air less fuel) Anti-clockwise to richen (more fuel less air) turn the needle in quarter turns, keep doing this until the engine is tuned, there should be a little smoke and the engine should not feel sluggish or underpowered.

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Nitro Engine Tuning Guide Part 1 - The Needles of the Carburettor
Don't forget to like us on Facebook: . And if you're interested in random & pointless (but sometimes interesting) behind the scenes, check out my Vlogging Channel : 🚗 Nitro Engine tuning is probably the most asked question on my Channel, people struggling with their tuning and asking tuning related questions. In this 4 part series, I look at Tuning and adjusting the High Speed Needle, the Low Speed Needle, and the Idle speed screw. Please check out the other three parts of this series and gain a better understanding of how to tune your nitro engine!

Nitro Engine Tuning Guide
Remember to make small adjustments at a time, as they make a big difference when tuning your nitro engine. Also remember that it is always better to be running your nitro engine a little more on the rich side (more smoke) as it will help lubricate your engine and make it last longer. A healthy engine is a happy engine! It will sing nicely :)

Schumacher R/C Engine Tuning Guide
Learn in easy steps how to tune your Schumacher R/C engine with this simple instructional video. Too lean, too rich, which screw do I tune with? it's all featured here to take away the confusion!!!

Nitro Engine Tuning Settings for Toki .05 Engine on ACME NB16
Some people have been asking for the default/factory settings for the ACME NB16 engine (toki.5) This video explains needle valves and factory setting positions.