Basics of Nitro Engines + Tuning

Bacics of Nitro Engines + Tuning This is a bacic introduction to nitro engines and how to tune them. NOTES: clockwise to lean out the engine (more air less fuel) Anti-clockwise to richen (more fuel less air) turn the needle in quarter turns, keep doing this until the engine is tuned, there should be a little smoke and the engine should not feel sluggish or underpowered.

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R/C Nitro Engine Modeled in Inventor
R/C Nitro Engine Modeled in Inventor

Nitro Engine Tuning Guide Part 1 - The Needles of the Carburettor
Don't forget to like us on Facebook: . And if you're interested in random & pointless (but sometimes interesting) behind the scenes, check out my Vlogging Channel : 🚗 Nitro Engine tuning is probably the most asked question on my Channel, people struggling with their tuning and asking tuning related questions. In this 4 part series, I look at Tuning and adjusting the High Speed Needle, the Low Speed Needle, and the Idle speed screw. Please check out the other three parts of this series and gain a better understanding of how to tune your nitro engine!

Schumacher R/C Engine Tuning Guide
Learn in easy steps how to tune your Schumacher R/C engine with this simple instructional video. Too lean, too rich, which screw do I tune with? it's all featured here to take away the confusion!!!

How to Setup Your Nitro Engine
This video will assist you with basic steps to setting up your Nitro Engine.