Un motorista graba de primera mano el accidente de uno de sus compañeros

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Maryland State Trooper draws gun on speeding motorcyclist
Unmarked Maryland State Trooper, in plainclothes, draws gun on speeding motorcyclist Officer Joseph David Uhler

Acidente Fatal de moto em alta velocidade
Maluco na estrada se dá mal e bate na traseira de um caminhão!

Мото аварии - Реквием скорости / Moto accidents
Motorcycle and speed - is not only a sense of freedom and the feeling of flying, but often terrible fall, which for many is the last. Take care of yourselves! Мотоцикл и скорость - это не только чувство свободы и ощущение полета, но и, зачастую ужасное падение, которое для многих становится последним. БЕРЕГИТЕ СЕБЯ!!! Music: Rob Dougan -- Clubbed to death (Kurayamino mix)

Motorcycle CRASH Compilation Video 2014 Stunt Bike CRASHES Motorbike ACCIDENT Stunts FAIL GONE BAD
MOTORCYCLE CRASH COMPILATION VIDEO 2014 of stunts gone bad on the highway. Insane motorcycle stunts gone wrong caught on tape. Watch stunt bike riders crash attempting wheelies on the highway that end in epic fails. Motorcyclist of all skill levels attempt to perform tricks on the public streets that result in huge accidents. This street bike crash compilation video is filled with total mayhem on two wheels and features a vast variety of motorcycle accidents of all kinds that are all very entertaining. See what happens when street bike riders crash wheelies at high speeds on the freeway in traffic. Some crashes even create multiple accidents that involve multiple riders wiping out. Blox Starz TV brings you never before seen 100% original stunt bike crash compilation video. We have captured all footage with our camera's and we own exclusive rights to all video footage used in this stunts gone wrong crash compilation video. We ask that you please not attempt any of the tricks displayed in this video. The stunts our real and many resulted in personal injury. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site LET'S CONNECT Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: