1G Talon dyno run 5-21-11

First Dyno run of my car to set a baseline for all of my future upgrades. Mods: Stock 14B Buschur Racing turbo outlet pipe Hallman MBC @ 16PSI ACT2600 Clutch DNP turbo manifold generic O2 housing with atmospheric Wastegate dump Punishment Racing FWD downpipe Megan Racing test pipe Thermal R&D Catback Exhaust Car Made 244.4WHP and 248.8Ft-Lb on a Mustang Dyno Credit goes to Chris @ High Speed Performance for taping

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Worlds Highest HP 5.3 Motor BLOWS UP on DYNO @ KC2K13
World recording breaking stock bottom end 5.3 blows on Dyno.It has been through 80 bottles of Nitrous 2 years of turbo in red dragon and now a successful run at being turbo in this Camaro.It was a great run for this all stock bottom end car.

325k Org Mile 14b FWD 1g Dsm Runs 12.0 Cmi Fall Fling Stock Smic
Brandon's 1g gst running bolt ons stock 14b missing 4th fftec built

Top 30 dyno tuning failures
When dynamometer tests becomes a failure.

1990 Eclipse GSX Dyno - 14b - 280 HP 320 TQ AWD Mustang Dyno
Putting my DSM on the Dyno for the first time. Mods: Full 3" Exhaust (Hanksville Hot Rods) | Megan 3" downpipe | Ported 2G Exhaust Manifold | Ported 14b | Megan 02 Housing |Oil Catch Can | JMF Small Battery and Tray | STM EGR Blockoff | turbo Performance Exhaust Manifold Blanket | Hallman MBC | Mitsubishi 140Amps Alternator | 2G MAF / MAS | Godspeed FMIC | 1000cc PTE Injectors | FueLab AFPR | FueLab 818 Filter | Walbro 450|ECMLink V3 Lite | PLX Wideband | PLX Boost Gauge| Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch | Outlander Brakes and Calipers (Cross drilled and slotted) | ARP Head studs http://www.dsmtuners.com/threads/1990-gsx-daily-driver-build-and-restore-to -400-whp.472418/