1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gst Car Audio System Install 2012 BEGINNING

My bro got tired of the Honda and traded it for this bad ass Eclipse. Just needs paint, rims, and a few other things and it'll be a clean ass ride. This video is just of switching over the sound system he had in the Honda. Got him a bad ass Soundstream Equalizer. Now just gotta upgrade the subs to a 15 or 2 15s =D Enjoy and stay tuned! =) Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/Razon35?feature=mhee Add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Razon35

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1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Custom System
http://a415.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/11/l_28f7ab4f8807527c4b2d9429 cd64a02e.jpg car got totaled. fuck haters

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97 eclipse car systemm
HeLlO youtube world, i just want opinions of my system i installed myselff.... for all the haters there is going to be. My car sounds like a damn concert and that was what i wanted... i got 2 12" kicker comps, 2 12" Rockford fosgate p3's, 1 Kenwood KAC 9103D 1800 Watt am, and 800 watt sony xplod amp. The kenwood is pushing the p3's and the kickers are being pushed by the 800 watt amp.. i know it aint a good mix up with the speakers and amp but for that little money im straight, this system be turning and bothering everybody.. got the cops lookinggg around too hahaha So i know the installation alittle bad but i like it and did it my self soooo just wanted to see what the world thought, and finn put up some more videos of the systemmm......hello worrlddd