Reggae Medley - Bicol Song

Disclaimer: For SHARING only, no COPYRIGHT intended. This is another cut from the Bicol album called, IKA SANA - Maogmang Kabikolan (Only You - Happy Bicolandia), produced by Ibalong Records. These Bicol folk songs are mixed into medley and recorded by Bicolano artists. Para ini sato mga kabayan na ORAGON!!!

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Magayunon sa Kabikolan Bicol Cha Cha
Disclaimer:This BICOL Song Medley-MAGAYUNON SA KABIKOLAN Cha Cha has its FULL COPYRIGHT with Maestro Domingo Zafe and His band, courtesy of Ibalong Records in Legazpi City, Albay. I edited it with my OWN videos and photos and intend to SHARE it with fellow BICOLANOS from around the world. I hope this ditty can revive your longing to be back in our own native land, Philippines, especially here in Bicol region, home of the majestic Mayon volcano in Albay and lots of heritage sites and local beauty spots. Para SATUYA INI mga ORAGON and to all FILIPINOS!!! MABUHAY!!!

Bicol Cha Cha (full version) slide show
My new slide show with full version of Bicol cha cha, ignore some of the view as some aren't really in Bicol:) But on the way there. Casay Lupi Cam.Sur - ang tinubuan ko Bulagwing Lupi, Sipocot, Naga, Goa. ang ibang Photo sa Quezon Province, Manila and Hundreds island. Thumbs up po and share :)

Sarung Banggi--Bob Marley (revive)

DISCLAIMER: I do not take claim to any of the original materials used in this video. All rights are reserved by the respective record companies and artists! For SHARING only, No COPYRIGHT infringement. 90% Photos are my COPYRIGHT. The remaining 10% photos are with photo credits at the end of this music video. BICOL ADAPTATION Courtesy of Ibalong Records, Inc. and included in a Bicol Songs Album way back the 90s. ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTS: MUSIC SEGMENT # 1 SWAY (Legal Title) BMI Work #1436972 Alternate Titles: MUCHO MAMBO SWAY QUIEN SERA Songwriter/Composer Current Affiliation CAE/IPI # GIMBEL NORMAN BMI 11911134 ROSAS RODRIGUEZ PABLO SACM 2627814 TRACONIS MOLINA LUIS DEMETRIO SACM 18711200 Publishers APRS BMI 1156248 APRS BMI 1156248 NEW THUNDER MUSIC CO BMI 35541597 Additional Non-BMI Publishers Artists 101 STRINGS ORCHESTRA BUBLE MICHAEL CLIFF RICHARD AND THE SHADOWS KING B B MARTIN DEAN RYDELL BOBBY VAUGHN BILLY WELK LAWRENCE * Denotes BMI Award Winning Song! Bicol Adaptation: IKA AN BURAK (Nin Samong Banwa) Link: MUSIC SEGMENT#2: I don't know the title Bicol Adaptation: KUN MAY GUSTO KA SAKUYA MUSIC SEGMENT #3 PATRICIA PATRICIA Alternate Titles:STRANGE PATRICIA, ME KEME, A PATRICIA BMI Work #1158070 Songwriter/Composer Current Affiliation CAE/IPI # PRADO PEREZ BMI 24839673 Publishers APRS BMI 1156248 APRS BMI 1156248 Additional Non-BMI Publishers Artists HOLLYWOOD SWING ORCHESTRA LOGAN AL PRADO PEREZ STARSOUND ORCHESTRA Bicol Adaptation: PILI Link: MUSIC SEGMENT #4: RICO VACILON Composer Rosendo Ruiz Performer Various Publisher Sher Music Co Language Spanish Format Solero Scored For Lead Sheet First Line Vacilón, que rico vacilón. Cha cha chá, que rico cha cha chá Link: Bicol Adaptation: NATONG (Bicol Express)