turbo charged lawnmower

turbo charged tractor/lawnmower

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$50 Pocket Bike Turbo Install and Test Ride
RAM AIR Pocket Bike Install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKZSapiIW0c Social media: Instagram @dylondesbiens Facebook: High Performance Films Subscribe above! Today's shout out: ( Poké Guru ) On Youtube

5 HP Lawnmower VS 8 Cyclinder Turbocharged Pickup Truck
Watch how a single cylinder Farm Mower owned a V8 turbo-charged Mitsubishi Pic-up truck

Turbo Toro testing
Just testing.....

5.5hp Turbocharged Fuel Injected Engine - Bench Test
Quick test run of my 5.5hp fuel injected, turbocharged engine. This engine is controlled by my homebrew ECU, it's PC tunable, (spark advance, and fuel delivery tables). Visit here for more info: markmuzzin.blogspot.com Part List: Homebrew ECU, RHB31 turbocharger, MAP, TPS, Block and IAT Temp, TDC and CAM sensors, electronic spark coil, in-tank fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, PC tunable.