This is my buddy Roy doing his best impression of Superman @ JUMP SKY HIGH in Concord, CA

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extrem diving 10m tripple splashdiving
Splashdiving in Hannover Stadionbad 8:25min 10m Diving

Single, Double and TRIPLE Flips and one EPIC FAIL! At Sky High Sports Portland, OR
MORE JUMP VIDEOS featuring Macdoogs: NEW (10/15/16): Sky High gainer off the wall to middle tramp! And more: Peter "Macdoogs" and Friends get together at Sky High Sports in Portland, OR to practice tricks. Peter is also a supervisor at this location. This 9 minute video is a compilation of a nights fun. Lots of great action, plenty of cool tricks (Single, Double & Triple Flips, Back doubles, Double Doubles, Side Layouts, Gainers, Kung Foo spins and a great fail from a newcomer to the club (he was not hurt). Check it Out!

Freestyle Academy of Laax
here you can ride even when the weather is bad. riders: Marco Grigis, Marco Donzelli, Lorenzo Buzzoni, Giorgio Ciancaleoni, Ruggero Naccari, Filiberto Piller Cotter edit by Donze

Jump Street Colorado Indoor Trampoline Park Edit
2 days at jumpstreet in Greenwood Village, Colorado. It was one of the funnest places I've ever been