This is my buddy Roy doing his best impression of Superman @ JUMP SKY HIGH in Concord, CA

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Single, Double and TRIPLE Flips and one EPIC FAIL! At Sky High Sports Portland, OR
MORE JUMP VIDEOS featuring Macdoogs: NEW (10/15/16): Sky High gainer off the wall to middle tramp! And more: Peter "Macdoogs" and Friends get together at Sky High Sports in Portland, OR to practice tricks. Peter is also a supervisor at this location. This 9 minute video is a compilation of a nights fun. Lots of great action, plenty of cool tricks (Single, Double & Triple Flips, Back doubles, Double Doubles, Side Layouts, Gainers, Kung Foo spins and a great fail from a newcomer to the club (he was not hurt). Check it Out!

Triple Flips!
Trips both ways at JumpStreet Littleton

Epic Backflip Kid
This place is called Rebounderz and it's in Orlando/Longwood Florida Rebounderz : 480 S Ronald Reagan Blvd, Longwood, FL a kid doing awesome back flips at rebounderz in Longwood, FL. Great place, lots of fun and very tiring. This is just a small clip from the vlog. Make sure to watch the full Video entitled Trampoline Accidents. No Shave November JWatsonTV It's Always Sunny In FLORIDA Other Trampoline Arenas Great Jump Sports Sky High Sports: House of Air Trampoline Park Airheads Trampoline arena Boing Jump Center: Urban Monkey Air Park Absolute Air Park SkyWalk Ultimate Trampoline Arena Airheads Trampoline Arena Orlando (AirHeads Orlando) SkyZone: AntiGravoty Trampoline arena Airborn Trampoline Arena FlipNOut Xtreme Adventures HangTime Indoor Trampoline Arena 5556 Lowes Xtreme Air Sports Xtreme Air Jump 'n Skate Park Laax Freestyle Academy Urban Air Trampoline Park Get Air SportsPlex Snogression Spring Loaded Trampoline Park Airworx Trampoline Center Music: Violin Fight Composed by:Scott P. Schreer, BMI (25%), Todd Haberman, ASCAP (50%), John Loeffler, BMI (25%) Published by: Freeplaymusic, BMI (25%), Habes Music Publishing, ASCAP (50%), Music Of Paradise, BMI (25%) Tags: Trampoline Dodgeball Tampoline accidents Flips ninja flips JWatsonTV TheTimTracker adventure Tourism travel holiday vacation Rebounderz arena Lowes XTreme Air Sports Absolute AirPark Airpark Boing JUmp Center Skyzone AirheadsUSA Heads USA AntiGravity Arena Anti Granity Airborn FlipnOut Flip Out Xtreme Adventures fall fail jump sports jumping events championship destination funny Backflip kodak zi8 playsport Urban Monkey Park urbanmonkeyairpark Jump 'n Skate Laax Freestyle Academy Get Air SportsPlex Snogression Bounce Fun Plex Spring Loaded Trampoline Park Airworx Trampoline Center

World Record Highest Dives (Randy Dickison 174'8" and Lucy Wardle (Streeter) 120'9")
Lucy Wardle (Streeter) and Randy Dickison set new world high dive records on April 7th, 1985 during a single show at Hong Kong's Ocean Park. Lucy's dive of 120'9" still stands today. Randy's dive of 174' 8" surpassed Dana Kunzie's 172' dive in 1984. The current world high dive record of 177' belongs to Oliver Favre of Switzerland set in France 1987.