This is my buddy Roy doing his best impression of Superman @ JUMP SKY HIGH in Concord, CA

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Extrem Wasserspringen (Splashdiving) : Wilde Springer
Die Wilden Springer zur Springergala in Dresden

how to do a backflip 360 and front flip 360 on a trampoline
Do try this at home and PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE. I am not a professional gymnast and these are the names I learned the tricks by.

extrem diving 10m tripple splashdiving
Splashdiving in Hannover Stadionbad 8:25min 10m Diving

Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys
Follow on Twitter! -!/GavinFree Watch this one in HD! The slow mo guys are well aware that water balloons are always good in slow motion. In this video, Gav and crew try (and fail many times) to pop a 6ft giant red balloon. Slow motion is between 2500fps and 1000fps. Balloon bought from