2001 BMW M Coupe

2001 BMW M Coupe.

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BMW M-Coupe vs Audi TT Coupe - With Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond puts two van drivers to the test - Brian Walshaw and Carl Harrison, as they take two of the most popular and powerful roadsters for a spin - an Audi TT and a BMW M-Coupe. They both find out how the car's perform and handle, as well as how stylish and practical they are. The M-Coupe has a menacing 3.2 litre engine, which produces around 325bhp, a top speed of 155mph and a 0-60 time of just 5.5 seconds. The TT Coupe, however, has an engine which produces 225bhp, but with it's quattro, four-wheel drive system, it makes the TT a more nimble and more agile specimen.

The secret BMW Collector.
At age 17, The Collector was homeless. Today, he owns one of the most significant collections of classic BMWs on the planet. Located in a secret warehouse in Southern California, his collection consists of 45 cars, including the super-rare BMW 700 RS - only two of these cars were ever made. The Collector does not collect for fame or notoriety; he doesn’t want to be named. Rather, his collection is built on a deep love of BMWs and the art which goes into making them. Watch more #BMWstories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_5HS483q28&list=PLa5S6UwF22ILNTBCbKL4Y0QIm VrHT95Sv or at http://www.bmw.com/bmwstories

What It's Like to Own a BMW Z3 M Coupe: Ask The Owner
The owner of this 2001 BMW Z3 M Coupe generously gave me a few minutes to talk to him about what it's like to own a future classic. Subscribe for more unique car videos! M Coupe Buyers' Guide link: http://www.mcoupebuyersguide.com/listings

2001 BMW M1 Coupe Review
Glenda McKay checks out the futuristic Batman inspired BMW M1 coupe. She reviews it's features and finds out if the performance and handling can match it's visual appeal.