Brandon and friends running from cops

street race scramble

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OJ on the Run: The Bronco Chase
Football and film star O.J. Simpson led police on a low-speed chase along the Los Angeles freeways shortly before his arrest for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. This video, aired on CNN, features the sound from OJ's phone conversation with Homicide Detective Tom Lange. Listen as the accused killer tells Lange that he is the one who "deserves" to be hurt.

Street Race Scramble
High tailing it from the police in a RSX

Cops Show Up At Street Races (Oakland 7th Street Runs)
Cops have nothing better to do.

Jeff McConnell's Malibu
Doing a little winter tuning on Jeff's Malibu, preparing for Drag Week 2010. This car is a street driven 420 CID smallblolck chevy with EMS-pro fuel injection, custom high-res crankshaft trigger and Pantera IGN1A coilpacks for each cylinder. Heads by Curtis @ RFD: Race Flow Development. Tuned by me, with help from Tom Van Vugt at C&S Dyno in Omaha, NE. Chassis Electrical by Mike Higginson, extra thanks to T.J. Mrsny and Jeff Allen. See you at Drag Week 2010!