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Toyota corolla carburetor help!! Carburetor problem! How to clean carburetor

Please watch video and give your insight.


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Toyota: Топливная система (карбюратор).avi

2E engine toyota AISAN Carburetor replacing Jet.mpg
トヨタ 2E エンジン AISAN Carburetor on my Toyota 2E engine JET, MAIN #103 JET, MAIN #168 JET, SLOW #48 POWER JET #100

Clean a Carburetor Without Rebuilding it and Save Money
Do you own a car or truck that has a carburetor. Are you trying to get your car to pass a smog check. Do you think you need a tune up. Have you noticed that on youtube that other videos show you how to clean the carburetor choke, but that does not clean anything inside the carburetor. So the other videos don't really help you make your car run better. My video: In this example the Holley 2150 2 barrel carburetor, on a 1979 FORD 302 or 5.0 litter engine. How to clean a carburetor cheaply and without having to remove it from the engine. This is a way that I avoided having to rebuild my carburetor due to it not working correctly. The problem that I had with mine was that when I gave it the gas it had a dead spot. In other words I'd be going along and give it the gas and it would cough and stall. A friend showed me that by only squirting carburetor cleaner into the fuel bowl and running the engine that it would clean it out. I tried what he told me to do. I ran about half a can of carb cleaner through the carburetor with the engine running and then went for a drive. I got down the road about a mile and entered into the freeway. There was a car coming fast and I was not up to speed and I gave it the gas and it stalled like it used to. I put the transmission into 2nd gear and floored it and that blew out what ever was plugging it up and it has run like new since. This solved the problem I was having, does it sound like a problem you have. Give it a try. If you try this and it works then you have fixed your problem for under 5 dollars, and won't spend hundreds of dollars having a mechanic work on your car. It also helps if you do this before going for a smog check, it will help you pass. automóvil carburador limpio automóvel

Toyota Corolla 1989 (AE92) and 12" Exile Woofer Flex
Soon to be on the road and might swap a 4age motor into it soon. Its mint with almost no rust. Interior is also mint, except the trunk and roof. Only things I did are some mods to the stock intake. The audio setup I have right now is: jvc deck (free) flea market 4" front speakers ($20) 1.5uf cap (free) new 450w rms rockford amp (free) Bassworx 12" box (free) 12" 600w rms subwoofer ($30 ebay)

Corolla question
Just wondering if anyone can spare any information on the Toyota 4A-C carb and why the secondary is not opening.

CV Carburetor
How a cv carburetor works. Sound of a YAMAHA XTZ750 Super Tenere.

2E engine toyota painting valve cover, cylinder head cover.mpg
トヨタ 2E エンジン

2E engine toyota Valve clearance adjustment.mpg
Engine HOT intake 0.20 mm Exhaust 0.20 mm Single Over Head Camshaft SOHC トヨタ 2E エンジン September 13 - 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer Carburetor Cleaning
Mitsubishi Lancer Carburetor Cleaning model 2000 Cold start Problems How to Repair Fuel Injector Bangladesh * Bhutan * Brunei * Cambodia * China * India * Indonesia * Republic of Korea * Laos * Malaysia * Maldives * Mongolia * Myanmar * Nepal * North Korea * Pakistan * Philippines * Singapore * Sri Lanka * Thailand * Timor-Leste * Viet Nam * Taiwan * ACD * APEC * ASEAN * ASEM * EAS * ESCAP * SAARC * Other Issues Pacific * Australia * Fiji * Kiribati * Marshall * Micronesia * Nauru * New Zealand * Palau * Papua New Guinea * Samoa * Solomon * Tonga * Tuvalu * Vanuatu * ESCAP * PIF * Other Issues Europe * Albania * Andorra * Armenia * Austria * Azerbaijan * Belarus * Belgium * Bosnia and Herzegovina * Bulgaria * Croatia * Cyprus * Czech Republic * Denmark * Estonia * Finland * France * Georgia * Germany * Greece * Hungary * Iceland * Ireland * Italy * Kazakhstan * Kosovo * Kyrgyz Republic * Latvia * Liechtenstein * Lithuania * Luxembourg * Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia * Malta * Moldova * Monaco * Montenegro * Netherlands * Norway * Poland * Portugal * Romania * Russia * San Marino * Serbia * Slovak Republic * Slovenia * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * Tajikistan * Turkmenistan * U.K. * Ukraine * Uzbekistan * Vatican * EU * ASEM * OSCE * NATO * Other Issues North America * Canada * United States Latin America * Antigua and Barbuda * Argentine * Bahamas * Barbados * Belize * Bolivia * Brazil * Chile * Colombia * Costa Rica * Cuba * Commonwealth of Dominica * Dominican Republic * Ecuador * El Salvador * Grenada * Guatemala * Guyana * Haiti * Honduras * Jamaica * Mexico * Nicaragua * Panama * Paraguay * Peru * Saint Christopher and Nevis * Saint Lucia * Saint Vincent and the Grenadines * Suriname * Trinidad and Tobago * Uruguay * Venezuela * Other Issues Middle East * Afghanistan * Bahrain * Iran * Iraq ** Jordan * Kuwait * Lebanon * Oman * Qatar * Saudi Arabia * Syria * Turkey * United Arab Emirates * Yemen * Palestinian Authorities * Other Issues Africa * Algeria * Angola * Benin * Botswana * Burkina Faso * Burundi * Cameroon * Cape Verde * Central African Republic * Chad * Comoros * Republic of Congo * the Democratic Republic of the Congo * Côte d'Ivoire * Djibouti * Egypt * Equatorial Guinea * Eritrea * Ethiopia * Gabonese Republic * Gambia * Ghana * Guinea * Guinea-Bissau * Kenya * Lesotho * Liberia * Libya * Madagascar * Malawi * Mali * Mauritania * Mauritius * Morocco * Mozambique * Namibia * Niger * Nigeria * Rwanda * Sao Tome and Principe * Senegal * Seychelles * Sierra Leone * Somalia * South Africa * Sudan * Swaziland * Tanzania * Togo * Tunisia * Uganda * Zambia * Zimbabwe * AU * TICAD * Other Issues

Toyota Corolla 1997 Tuned [HQ] Part II
Aqui les traigo la 2da parte de la evolucion de mi Rolla. Espero que les guste!!

10,000+rpm Toyota Corolla gets angry
Michael's Quickbitz Toyota Corolla is one of the coolest 4-cylinders getting around. The big revving highly developed Nissan SR20 powerplant is good for around 900hp and this time out saw Michael run a new personal best pass of 8.38 at 165mph at Calder Park. http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au

Clean a Carburetor, Without Rebuilding it - This Really Works
Do you have a car or truck with a carburetor. Do you think you need a tune up. Want a cheep fix to make it run better. Have you noticed that on youtube that other videos show you how to clean the carburetor choke, but that does not clean anything inside the carburetor. So the other videos don't really help you make your car run better. My video: How to clean a carburetor cheaply and without having to remove it from the engine. This engine has the carter YFA single barrel carburetor on the Ford 300 inline 6. A very good motor but at its age of 240,000 miles it is hard to pass a smog check. To help it pass I spray carb cleaner into the fuel bowl via the fuel bowl vent and this cleans the carb from the inside and the internal parts. This video will show you a handy trick to pass a smog check, and keep your vehicle running smooth. automóvil carburador limpio automóvel автомобиль карбюратор чистый


Toyota Corolla Engine 7afe installed
Toyota corolla 1.8 7afe engine installed and running

toyota corolla ae92 4af short run and idle
1990 corolla ae92 4af 16valve carburetor (stock engine internals) mods: more direct air intake, custom 4-1 headers, custom straight pipe Exhaust & a few carb mods...using 100 octane fuel (non E10), platinum plugs (will switch to iridium) and 10w-40 oil 150,000kms plus engine never been taken down suspension is stock, new replacement springs but also stock spec, KYB Excel G & Nitrotech Gas shocks, Nankang 195 x 50 tires on 15 old beat up sub zero rota copy rims

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1985 Toyota Corolla GTS: 8.060 @ 164.690
Luis Corujo, Engine: 2RZFE, Turbos: 74mm Borg Warner Airwerks Tires: Goodyear 30 X 12.5 X 15

1981 Toyota Corolla 1.8: 8.460 @ 157.000
luis morales, Engine: 1.8, Turbos: presion turbo Tires: 29.5/11.5

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carlos casanas, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: pt68 Tires: 26.8

1981 Toyota Corolla 1.8 5 speed: 8.930 @ 144.870
victor (papito enema ) echevarria, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: mike turbo inc. 71mm Tires: 26/8.5 mickey thompsons

1971 Toyota Corolla ke20: 9.100 @ 148.440
Sam Kiprios, Engine: Toyota 3rz, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Garrett 88mm Tires: M/T 28x9

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carlos casanas, Engine: 1.8 3tc, Turbos: toe60 Tires: 26/8

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carlos domenech, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: gt40 Tires: 26/8

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ken Shaw, Engine: 2jzgte, Tires: mt 26 10.5 15 et street

1971 Toyota Corolla 18rg: 9.630 @ 139.500
Peter Kiprios, Engine: 18rg, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Yes - TO4E Tires: M/T 26x8.5

1983 Toyota Corolla 1.8: 10.100 @ 136.000
Manuel Betancourt, Engine: 2jz-ge (93 up supra non turbo), Turbos: greddy t88 Tires: mt 29x15.5street tire and goodgear 30x13 in track

1978 Toyota Corolla TE31: 10.100 @ 120.000
Wesley Lewin, Engine: 1600 4age, Turbos: T61 Tires: Rear 26x10x15 MT ET drag. Front 22.5x4x15 MT ET Fr

1985 Toyota Corolla : 10.400 @ 130.000
robinson alvarez, Engine: 1.8 pistones mazda .40 bore, Turbos: to3 Tires: 13x8 mickey thopson

1983 Toyota Corolla KE70 DX: 10.641 @ 136.000
Lars, Engine: Toyota 1UZFE V8 32V, Turbos: Single GT45 (china) Tires: MH 26x10x15 Mickey Thomson ET DRAG

1983 Toyota Corolla KE70: 10.641 @ 137.000
Lars Pedersen, Engine: Lexus 1U-ZFE, Turbos: GT45 Tires: 26/10/15 MT ET Drag

1973 Toyota Corolla : 10.710 @ 131.000
Juan Carlos (Platano), Engine: 1.8 3T, Turbos: T-66 Tires: M/T 26x8.5x15

1988 Toyota Corolla Levin GTZ: 10.889 @ 130.220
Barry Manon, Engine: 7agte, Supercharger: - Turbos: Master Power T58 Tires: M&H

1979 Toyota Corolla : 11.208 @ 123.000
roberto torres, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: to3/to4 Tires: 28.0/11.5

1974 Toyota Corolla TE27: 11.980 @ 108.000
Carlos, Engine: 1.8 liter 3tc, Tires: mickey thompson 26x8.5x15 rear

1986 Toyota Corolla ae86 Turbo: 12.278 @ 110.170
Alexander Job, Engine: 4AG-TE, Turbos: T3/T4 - 50/64

1976 Toyota Corolla TE37 SR5 JDM SR_Technik: 12.370 @ 0.000
Junior Sosa, Engine: 1G-GTE, Turbos: T3/T4 Tires: 22x8 15 M/T drag


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