Toyota corolla carburetor help!! Carburetor problem! How to clean carburetor

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2E engine toyota AISAN Carburetor replacing Jet.mpg
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How to fix clogged carburetor

Carburetor Animation
In the next several short videos we’ll cover the small engine carburetor anatomy, how carburetor works, problems with ethanol in carburetor and unique solution on how to keep the carburetors clean when small engines are put in storage. Watch our next video in the series of How Carburetor Works animations:

Toyota Corolla 1989 (AE92) and 12" Exile Woofer Flex
Soon to be on the road and might swap a 4age motor into it soon. Its mint with almost no rust. Interior is also mint, except the trunk and roof. Only things I did are some mods to the stock intake. The audio setup I have right now is: jvc deck (free) flea market 4" front speakers ($20) 1.5uf cap (free) new 450w rms rockford amp (free) Bassworx 12" box (free) 12" 600w rms subwoofer ($30 ebay)