Honda Sucks - We Hate our Honda Pilot

A tale of agony following the purchase of a Honda Pilot

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Honda Pilot experiences frightening incident of sudden unintended acceleration
We bought two new Honda Pilot EX-Ls in 2006. In February 2010 one suddenly opened up full throttle in drive at 5000 RPMs with my husband's foot on the brake. American Honda denied there was anything wrong with the car after 3 days at a local Honda service department. We sold that car (it had 41,000 miles) to an Acura dealer. About two weeks later, on 2.28.2010, the same thing happened with our other Pilot with 46,000+ miles on a residential street with light traffic. This time my husband had the presence of mind to video what happened and we shared it with American Honda. The District Service Representative inspected the car. With the video in hand, Honda still said the car was "operating within normal parameters." It is not a coincidence that these two 2006 Pilots experienced sudden unintended acceleration. There are other remarkably similar complaints on the NHTSA web site (2004 - 2007 models). The problem with these cars must be ascertained or they should be taken off the road before someone is killed. The problem appears not to be unique to Toyota. As CEO Jeremy Anwyl said on February 10, 2010: "As Toyota's experience in recent months clearly demonstrates, it is no longer an option for car companies to dismiss consumer complaints, even if the event is difficult to replicate or diagnose." At NHTSA's request, we provided NHTSA with this video and made a report. The Miami NBC-owned TV station ran this news story: 3722.html. We still own a Honda Element and a new Acura MDX, though we sold both Pilots immediately and notified Honda.

Honda deception. Legendary Quality?
Many people are deceived by the claimed quality of Honda products. Lately, there have been many complaints of various issues with Honda products such as faulty transmissions, defectively designed engines, improperly installed gas pedals, etc. Honda continues to sell its models without recalling potential safety issues and does not issue recalls on cars that are known to have severe problems. Do not buy Honda, Acura, or any of their other products Honda, Civic, Accord, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot, CR-V, CRV, Ridgeline, Element, MDX, TSX, TL, Acura. Do not buy Honda

Blizzard 2011
The 2003 Honda pilot was able to get out the driveway with 24" of snow.

Honda Pilot Review | Consumer Reports
Redesigned for 2009, the Honda Pilot is a practical three-row SUV that slips a bit within its very competitive vehicle segment. Learn more about the Honda Pilot and other SUVs on our website: T01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE