"Ole Bessie" My 1986 Honda Accord Lx 3rd Generation

This is just an overview of my car and what it is. next video will be of the audio! :)

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ภาคต่อจากคลิปที่แล้ว http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-gQTdTO6_s&feature=relmfu หลังจากรถถูกชน (แต่กลับเป็นฝ่ายผิด) จากตัวถังรถคันละไม่กี่หมื ่น ก็เริ่มที่จะหาชิ้นส่วน จากญี่ปุ่น ประกอบให้รถคันที่เรารักที ่สุดในชีวิต กลับมามีชีวิต และวิ่งได้อีกครั้งอย่างไม ่อายใครในท้องถนน ถึงอายุของรถจะ เบญจเพศ แล้ว

First USA Built Accords 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation
This Video Shows the Opening of the Ohio Factory and the First USA Built Honda Accord, 1982 Honda Accord 2nd Generation. This Video Also Shows the First USA Built Japanese Automobile to be exported back to Japan For Sale, The 1988 Accord Coupe, The 1988 Accord Coupes Exported to Japan were even Left Hand Drive and had the same exact motor as the USA Market Cars. This Video is from Voyages - Honda NSX From the History Channel and is Property of Viacom Thanks For Watching!!

'86 Honda Accord
Eric's 1986 Honda Accord(turbo) getting Dyno tuned by Tampa Mike at TDC Performance in Mobile, AL. 240 WHP - 238 ft/lb Torque

1989 HONDA Accord Coupe in 2013
Always thought my little Honda was a nice looking car. I'm the second owner...had it for 14 years. Worth every penny to keep it up through the years...it's been a totally reliable automobile and fun to drive, too. Use it as my second car now...mostly in winter. Built in Ohio, it listed for just under $17,000, delivered in Fall, 1988. As of February, 2013, 253,000 miles. Features: Fuel Injection, 4-Cylinder Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, Python Remote Start, Alarm, Remote Trunk, Cruise, Cold Air Retrofitted with new Refrigerant, Rear Window Defrost, Pioneer Premier Stereo, iPhone Blue Tooth, MP3, Infinity Subwoofer, 2nd Amp for New Speakers, Focal Tweeters, Tinted Windows, New Upholstery including Side Panels and Doors, Ultra Suede Headliner, New Paint with Gold Fleck in 2008, Michelin Tires, Eagle Polished Wheels. Marine Switch to disconnect the battery when storing. Registered with Auto Appraisal Group, Washington D.C., in 2010.