ZX-7R starting with FCR 39 Flatsides and Dynacoils

This is my ZX-7R. It has FCR 39mm Keihin flatsides mounted. I have replaced the original coils with new dyna coils. Spark wires are replaced. The mounted Exhaust is a BOS superbike 120db Exhaust. I have a new Dynatek iginition wich is not mounted yet.

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EDR ZX-7RR warming up 2
www.EDRPerformance.com Owner Eric's personal ZX-7RR "B" engine. Kit crank, Kit Long Rod, Kit Pistons (14.8:1 compression), Ported Head, Kit Cams, Kit Valve springs/retainers, Kit mechanical Oil pump, No charging system, Suter Dry Clutch system, Akrapovic World Superbike Dual Split Titanium Exhaust, Keihen FCR 41mm carbs, Kit Carbon Intakes/Big Airbox, Ohlins SBK Forks, Marchesini 16.5" wheels, Brembo GP Monobloc's, SPA tach, VP MR9 Gas. Dyno 148rwhp with 205-16.5" slick (@155-158rwhp with std streeet tire) "A" Engine has same, but with Pankl Titanium Rods, Titanium Valves and Gear Drive camshafts--video coming soon for that one.

Idling my ZX-7R with 39mm FCR's
Recently installed dyna coils and now it's starting up pretty nice. As you can see, there's a carbon airbox installed and am using the tank as a lid.

www.EDRperformance.com owner Eric Dorn's personal 1996 ZX-7RR. Bike is an ex factory motor riden by Akira Yanagawa. Bike is 749cc and makes over 150hp at the rear wheel!

1991 Kawasaki ZX7R (K1)
This is my 1991 Kawasaki ZX7R (K1) after complete frame off restoration. When I purchased this bike it had been sitting outside uncovered for about 5 years. There was alot of rust and it wasn't running. It is about 99% done. The only thing I have left to do is a new Exhaust. I bought the full Exhaust that's currently on the bike used for $50.00 just to get her on the road. I'm going to get a new Muzzy mid-pipe and muffler very soon. Just waiting for a good example to pop up on eBay. I hope you like the (almost) finished product. I learned about about these bikes throughout the restoration, so if anyone has any questions/comments, send me an email to melore1969@yahoo.com. Also, I would like thank all the guys on zxforums.com for all thier help, especially Mike (2fat2fly). Thanks guys. I'm currently looking for another K1 to restore, if I find one I'll post another video of the finished product. Oh, also if you want to look at all the pics from the restoration, here's the link: http://1991zx7r.shutterfly.com/ there are over 400 pictures. Thanks again.